Visa Application Requirements for a China Visa


You have to supply your real signed passport, including one copy of the private info page of the passport of yours. Your passport must:

Be valid for 6 weeks over the length of your respective requested visa (for instance, in case you’re requiring a twelve month visa the passport of yours should be valid for eighteen months)

Have a minimum of 2 blank visa web pages because of the visa stamp (amendments and endorsement pages can’t be utilized to satisfy the requirement)

If requesting several entries, the passport should have no less than 2 blank facing visa pages, there could be absolutely no amendment or stamps endorsement sort on the web pages

Not be frayed, separating, torn, or modified in another way


You have to offer one color, passport type photograph fitting the following criteria:

Be used in the last 6 weeks, against an all white background, and also printed on high quality photo paper Be forty eight mm high by thirty three mm broad just. Notice many Chinese visa photo vendors present typical pictures which are two inches by two in.
Provide the complete frontal view of the head of yours together with your face based in the middle and also displaying a neutral (non smiling) expression, eyes wide open, ears visible
No background light or perhaps shadow over the face of yours
You might not wear eyeglasses, jewelry, or perhaps headwear except for religious purposes
You shouldn’t use some garment identical to the picture background
The picture of yours shouldn’t be affixed to the application of yours and it might not display proof of adhesive tape or even staples

Letter of Invitation

You have to supply a letter of invitation. Make use of the included template in this particular system as being a guide on the content and structure of the invitation. All elements are of the template are needed.

Business Cover Letter

You’re needed to make a Business Cover Letter out of your U.S. based company. All letters should be printed on organization letterhead which displays a U.S. mailing address. Make use of the included sample Business Cover Letter to finish your letter.In inclusion to the language offered in the test, your company Cover Letter must:

The sales letter has to be resolved to: Embassy of China

Evidence of State Residency

You have to supply a proof of the current address of yours of residency. The document should be either a copy of the front side of your respective driver’s license or maybe government ID, or maybe an electricity bill. The paper must:

Show the name of yours as it appears on the passport of yours
Show the present residence address as provided with your visa application

Please note, in case you have to distribute an electricity bill the consulate requires electrical, gas, or maybe a water bill; mobile phone and cable bills aren’t accepted.

PU Letter

If you’ve secured your own personal PU it should show the consulate applied to the jurisdiction of yours. If you’re uncertain about the PU or even need VisaCentral to help in acquiring this particular requirement please contact VisaCentral for more instructions.

VisaCentral Order Form

Supply the VisaCentral Order Form contained in this system.

Visa Application Form

A entirely finished and also signed visa application form. The software must:

Be finished online
Include answers for those essential fields (NA where not applicable)
List the title of the traveler just as it’s written in the passport
Be printed single-sided
Be dated and also signed in black or blue ink
Be enclosed with any other electronic documents into your visa application kit

VisaCentral offers a guide to aid you in completing the program. In order to use the guidebook stick to this link: Application Guide.pdf or maybe type the address into the internet browser of yours.

Authorization Letter

You have to supply a letter of authorization present in this particular kit, authorizing VisaCentral to publish and gather all the visa application of yours and also documents on the behalf of yours.

Former PRC Nationals and Individuals Born in Chinese Territories

If perhaps you’re a former PRC passport holder or perhaps have been born in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, or perhaps Macau:

You have to write the name of yours in Chinese characters for question 1.2 on the visa program form
You have to supply a message of your most recent China visa along with a copy of the passport where the visa was issued
When you’ve never ever been given a China visa you have to submit the original China passport of yours along with a message of the Green Card of yours, along with a copy of the Naturalization Certificate of yours If you are adopted from China you have to additionally add a copy of the adoption papers of yours showing adoptive parents names, name change, and photo with parents (do not include the initial papers). When applicable, include a copy of the naturalization certificate of yours and also U.S. birth certificate.

Religious Professionals and media Professionals

in case you’re a religious professional, media expert or even used by a media company, even when you’re not traveling for business purposes, you have to distribute both an individual statement along with a letter from the employer of yours on organization letterhead indicating you’re not going on company business and won’t be doing some press or perhaps religious similar work.

Prior Visas

If you’ve been given a China visa in days gone by, you have to provide a copy of the newest issued China visa.

China Visa Validity

Candidates are going to be qualified for a 10 year visa provided the tourist has a minimum of one year of remaining validity on their U.S. Passport. If you’ve under one year you’ll be given a six month visa to China.

VisaCentral is able to help you renew the passport of yours. Call 877-535-0688 for more info.

U.S. People Born in a few Countries

U.S. citizens born in Afghanistan, Turkey, Tunisia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Cameroon, or maybe Syria that are presently going to China with the American passport of theirs will have to create an individual look to be able to use for a visa to China. VisaCentral is going to be not able to aid you with the visa request of yours.

Evidence of Vaccine

You might provide your original CDC COVID 19 Vaccination Card showing complete vaccination status or maybe you might offer a notarized copy of the back and front of the Vaccination card.

Traveling Record

You have to supply a copy of the traveling report form contained in this system. The type must:

Include all countries that you’ve visited within the last twenty eight days
Be signed
Include entry/exit dates of every travel

NGO/Non-Profit Workers

If applying for a company visa, you have to present an employer letter and individual statement. Processing time differs for a case by case basis. If the employer of yours is a NGO or perhaps nonprofit the application program of yours will need extra evaluation by the China Visa Section.

Applicants with Criminal Record

Tourists with a criminal record is going to be expected to show up in person in the consulate to be able to provide biometrics.