Travelling to Rome

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Flying to Rome
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Going for a cruise to Rome
Bus traveling to Rome
Driving to Rome

Going to Rome – by plane
Airports in Rome

In case you’re flying to Rome, you must understand there are 2 airfields in Rome: Fiumicino (Leonardo da Vinci) and Ciampino.

Fiumicino airport is the primary Rome airport. Ciampino was once an army airport, and in recent years it’s turned into a hub for some of the low cost airlines which fly to Rome.

Most flights, particularly those from offshore, will fly into Fiumicino terminal. Both airports are aproximatelly 30 40 minutes clear of the city center.
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Cheap Flights to Rome Italy

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With the arrival of low cost carriers in Europe, like EasyJet, RyanAir, many others and Vueling, it has become much simpler to get an inexpensive flight to Rome, particularly in case you’ll be going to Rome from an additional European city.
How you can obtain from Fiumicino Airport to Rome

In case you’re flying into Rome’s primary airport Fiumicino, you’ve plenty of choices for getting in to the city center. Before getting to the plane, be ready and determine ahead of time the way you intend to enter into Rome in the terminal.

How you can Get from Ciampino Airport to Rome

In case you fly into Rome’s scaled-down airport, Ciampino, you’ve plenty of choices to get into Rome, from the Terravision bus to shuttle to personal limo service.

Book a Rome City Pass which has R/T Airport transportation

You may think about buying a Rome City Pass (not exactly the same as the Roma Pass), which has round trip airport transportation (either Ciampino or Fiumicino), with Terravision, plus complimentary skip-the-line entry to the Colosseum and also St. Peter’s Basilica.
Coming to Rome – by train
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When going to Rome by train, you’ll probably reach Rome’s key train station, Termini. We likewise have a 2nd “main” train station, Tiburtina. Both are within the city, and you are able to simply have on the metro or even take a taxi being exactly where you have for use.

Rome’s Stazione Termini has until recently been the largest train station in Rome, with trains originating from Fiumicino terminal, different areas of Italy and from other places in Europe. The Rome Metro lines A and B both run to/from here.

Rome’s Stazione Tiburtina was inaugurated in 2011, and also it is designed to be the primary point of departure and arrival for a lot of Eurostar trains in and also from Rome. You are able to catch Rome Metro series B here.

You will find 2 primary train companies: Trenitalia (run by the state of Italy) and Italo (a private company.)

Termini is and will remain the station with the Leonardo Express from Fiumicino terminal.
Getting to Rome – by cruise

In case you’re going to Rome on a cruise, you’ll be arriving at the port city of Civitavecchia, and that is aproximatelly eighty km (fifty miles), and just over one hour outside of Rome.

Even in case you’re merely stopping at Civitavecchia for a night, you may wish to are available in to discover Rome for one day. Entering into Rome from Civitavecchia is rather easy.

You are able to use the train directly into Termini station, and work with a private limo service to help you move. The trains cost nearly 4 15 Euros one means, while an automobile service will set you back aproximatelly 140 Euros and up, based on the quantity of amount and people of baggage.
Going to Rome – by bus

Bus traveling in Italy is additionally extremely simple, as well as occasionally it is more immediate to go to Rome by bus than by train.

For instance, there’s an immediate bus between Rome and Siena, but in case you are taking the train, you are going to need to change trains a minimum of one time. In case you’re visiting Rome by bus, you’ll generally reach Tiburtina station.

There’s not really a bus depot at Termini (except for regional community buses.)

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In case you choose to get into Rome, that I do not recommend, then be mindful that most of the city facility is off limits during the morning throughout the week and also on Saturday afternoons.

Additionally, traveling in Rome can be confusing, stressful, and hectic. So in case you can avoid bringing an automobile into Rome, you ought to try to do it.

In case you’re intending to go away a rental automobile in Rome, then you may think about doing this at the terminal first, then drawing the Leonardo Express into Rome.

You may also consider dropping the automobile off at the final community you visit before visiting Rome, then taking the locomotive into Rome.