Top Tips on Hiking in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco

One of the better happenings in Morocco is a hiking trip to the Atlas Mountains. Going to the remote villages, soaking up the amazing landscapes, and also summiting peaks, all while mastering exciting information from the mountain guide of yours, will give you countless stories to tell.

Have you been an amateur hiker, or simply a fit individual in place for the task? Down below you are going to find amazing Atlas trekking tours and everything you are able to expect to find out on the journey of yours to attain the summit.
Hiking in Morocco – What will You notice?

Hiking in Morocco provides you with a distinctive perspective into the Imazighen people’s lives, likewise referred to as Berbers. While walking in the Atlas Mountains, keep an ear out for the area music – or perhaps Ahidus. It’s conveyed through collective dance as well as song and also originated among tribes in the Middle and Eastern High Atlas.

Morocco’s remote villages are rarely visited by visitors and also give you a genius experience throughout the hike of yours. You are able to count on warm welcomes also an opportunity to take in the Berbers’ language and architecture in the Atlas Mountains.
Precisely why are the Atlas Mountain Trekking Routes Famous?

The mountain range separates the Mediterranean and also the Atlantic coastlines from the Sahara Desert. It’s known for getting probably the highest peak in North Africa, Mount Toubkal.

The arid environment is inhabited by scattered communities of Berbers, an ethnic group native to North Africa. Bring the pair of yours of binoculars for the most effective chance of recognizing Polecat, red fox, jackal, wild cat, Barbary leopard, and Atlas Deer ferret, among others.

The valleys tend to be more luscious and also have juniper forests, almond trees, as well argan groves. The Atlas Mountains in Morocco include 3 ranges, the Anti-Atlas,, the High Atlas moreover the Middle Atlas.
The High Atlas

The High Atlas Mountains function as an all natural barricade between the Sahara Desert in the South and also the Atlantic Ocean. At the feet of the mountain range is Morocco’s own’ Hollywood’, the fortified village of Aït Benhaddou. It’s been seen in numerous movies with the High Atlas in the backdrop.

The Middle Atlas

The Middle Atlas could be the northernmost of the 3 Atlas Mountains and also covers a great region with heavily forested slopes of predominantly cedar and oak trees. The environment is normally cooler than in the Moroccan towns and inland cities.

This’s probably the most fertile of the Atlas ranges also it’s some peaks more than 3000m above sea level, with Jebel Bou Naceur reaching standing probably the tallest (3340m).
The Anti-Atlas

The Anti Atlas will be the southernmost range of the Atlas Mountains. It starts off close to the Atlantic Ocean and also extends 500km inland. It is the least visited area of the Atlas Mountains therefore has fewer choices for accomodation.

Summer time temperatures are able to soar because of the proximity to the Sahara. It’s suggested avoiding the summer time heat and travel throughout the shoulder seasons.

Climate in the Atlas Mountains

When you do not mind snow, the weather conditions in the Atlas Mountains is ideal for hiking all year round. The seasons in Morocco are much like various other places in the Northern Hemisphere, with winter from December to Summer and February from June to August.

Even though the winter season is snowy and cold, it’s enjoyable. As you head south towards the Sahara desert, the weather gets drier and hotter. The summertime is hottest in the valleys as the aspects of increased altitude stay enjoyable.

The perfect time to hike in the Atlas Mountains is from March through to June. This can imply you are generally there for springtime and also the outset of summer time, if the temps are pleasant as well as the routes fairly dry (there will nonetheless be snow at greater altitudes).

In the High Atlas Mountains near the city of Imlil, the typical temperature of summer time is 17℃ (64℉), so the optimum temperature is 24.8℃ (77℉). July is normally the warmest month.

Summer time in the contemporary town of Ifrane, located in the Middle Atlas Mountains, reaches average temperatures of 21℃ (70.2℉) and maximum temperatures of 34℃ (93.2℉).

In the Anti Atlas Mountains the excessive temperatures in summer average 27.4℃ (81.4℉) with maximum temperatures reaching 33.9℃ (93℉).