Things you need in your essential caravan starter kit

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For beginners to caravanning, I’ve pulled together a starter set of 20 caravan accessories you’ll need– some of it’s important, several of it’s preferable, all of it is open to conversation, dispute as well as debate. However I stand by my listing!

  1. Towing mirrors
    If you’re lugging a campers, you need to be able to see 20 metres behind you, as well as four metres either side of the campers. So almost all tow cars need to fit extra hauling mirrors. They’re generally fitted the wing mirrors, by clamp, suction or band. Some fit particular wing mirror types far better than others.
  2. Extra back number plate
    You need a number plate on the rear of your campers, and it must be the same as the car you’re pulling it with, reflective, with black personalities on a yellow background. A makeshift, biro-drawn cardboard plate won’t do!
  3. Water provider
    An Aquaroll, or comparable, to full of water from a fresh tap and roll it to your pitch, then connect into your van’s fresh water inlet point and also provide you running water inside your tourer. See to it you’ve obtained a water pump as well as hose to connect the provider to your van’s water inlet.
  4. Waste water service provider
    A Wastemaster or similar, to catch the ‘grey’ water that drains pipes from your shower or sink. Make sure you have flexi waste pipes also– these connect into you caravan waste drainpipe factors as well as into your container.
  5. Electric hook-up lead
    The requirement, 25m orange cord is ideal. One injury onto a reel is terrific for tidiness, yet make certain to unspool it before connecting into the bollard on website.
  6. Gas bottle
    Commonly 6kg or 7kg, Propane or Butane (although Butane will not ‘gas’ in cold problems). You’ll likely acquire your first bottle on a ‘fill up contract’, and then exchange it when it’s vacant for a complete one. There are likewise refillable choices.
  7. Regulator and also gas hose
    Modern campers are fitted with a regulatory authority, normally in a locker, prepared for you to attach to a cylinder using a brief length of rubber hose as well as a nut that screws into the bottle’s brass fitting. It ensures the gas stress as it leaves the bottle is right in order to burn.
  8. Gas spanner
    When your gas cylinder’s empty, you’ll require a spanner to undo the hose pipe thread. Obtain a chunky one or it will not last. It’ll save you skinning your knuckles as well.
  9. Hitch lock and wheel clamp
    These are one of the most generally made use of safety tools as well as deterrents. Hitchlocks are quick and simple to fit and also stop any individual hitching the campers to a tow auto. Wheelclamps come in different selections, however do the same job of quiting the wheel turning.
  10. Caravan action
    Whether you choose plastic or metal, a tough action makes getting in as well as out of your van a great deal much easier.
  11. Corner stable winder
    To reduce your leg steadies on website. And also below’s a tip, if you can not get a young relative to do this for you, consider taking a cordless drill as well as adaptor.
  12. Smoke and carbon monoxide alarm
    Given you’ll be cooking around your campers, these are both possible lifesavers. Examine the batteries, routinely.
  13. Recreation battery
    This powers your 12V tools when you’re camping away from electric link. It’s not usually provided with brand-new campers. There are various kinds and also dimensions, as well as they’re all various rates. Look into our information sheet online and also be sure to obtain a much heavier obligation, extra costly among you’re powering a mover and also strategy to do a great deal of your caravanning off grid.
  14. Bathroom chemicals and rinse
    There’s quite a large selection of fluids and also sachets to drop into your commode cassette, to lower smells and also break down all the unpleasant things. They’re typically green or blue chemicals. Many campers have a different flush container, in which you can add a fragranced flush additive– often pink in colour.
  15. Levelling ramps, wheel chocks as well as blocks
    If your pitch isn’t level, you’ll need ramps to level the caravan back and forth, and also wheel chocks to stop the wheels rolling back down the ramp. Blocks are often helpful to put under leg steadies or the jockey wheel on extremely unequal ground.
  16. Awning
    Awnings double your living space, as well as the modern breed of inflatable awnings are much easier to install than ever.
  17. Emergency treatment set
    You might develop this to suit your specific needs, but make certain to include plasters, plasters, pain relievers (paracetamol, ibuprofen or aspirin), antihistamines, anti-bacterial, bacterial wipes or gel. I tend to maintain sun cream and insect repellent in below too.
  18. Fire pail, fire extinguisher and covering
    Fire containers are excellent for camping tent fires, while coverings and also fire extinguishers can aid to stop tiny on-board fires, such as pan fires.
  19. Device set
    A little kit, with hammer, a couple of flat blade and also Phillips screwdrivers, flexible spanner, torque wrench, pliers, energy knife, torch, WD40, a few rags, a foot pump and tire stress scale, cord connections, Duck tape and plastic handwear covers (such as the ones you obtain from some gas stations for the business of vacant bathrooms and also draining pipes down containers). These ought to assist you with the majority of running repair work on your holidays.
  20. Living set
    What you need for your living quarters is truly up to you, yet I ‘d advise sheets and patchworks, bed mattress topper, cushions, melamine crockery, plastic glasses, flatware, sharp knives, scissors, pans, kettle, toaster, tin opener, salt & pepper pots, TELEVISION, tea towels, dustpan and also brush, washing up fluid, suits, bathroom roll, curl.

And also lastly, a few extra bits and items you may wish to consider if you have actually obtained area:

A bbq
Camping chairs for outside consuming
Nose weight scale
Hitch head stabiliser
Alarm systems and also tracking tools
Water detoxifying tabs
Emergency fuse and also light bulb set