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Reasons To Go Sailing In The Ionian For Your Next Holiday

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Sailing on the Ionian Escape to the sunny Isles to enjoy the perfect sailing vacation in Greece.

There are many reasons to why you should consider the Ionian sea is one of the top sailing destinations that it was difficult to narrow it down to only five. It is a great destination for novices, families, as well as skilled sailors too. With breathtaking scenery, the wonderful culture, and ideal weather conditions for sailing, Ionian sailing is a must. Ionian should be on the bucket list of every charterer!

1. Beautiful Sailing Scenery

The Ionian Sea is a sight to behold by itself The real jewels are the islands that line the coastline of eastern Greece. The archipelago consists 7 main islands such as Corfu, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Ithaca, Paxi and Lefkada and that’s why it’s called the Heptanese. There are however several smaller isles such as Meganisi, Antipaxi, Othoni to explore. All of them have beautiful natural landscape, which is varied and can make your stops exciting and enjoyable.

All over the islands there is lush greenery coming from the forested mountains and the turquoise sea caves hidden along the coast. If you go to Papanikolis cave located on Meganisi it is possible to bathe near the spot where there was a World War II submarine was previously concealed. Then, make a stop in Kefalonia for a hike on Ainos Mountain, which is the highest mountain in the islands. Ainos may also rank as the most compact National Forest located in Greece in which there are rare Kefalonian Fir trees. On Ithaca ithaca, you can go to The Cave of Nymphs. It is believed to have been found within The Odyssey.

Between the coves, sea caves and bays you can find an abundance of things to do including snorkeling and swimming during the day, and numerous anchorages in which you can camp for the night. Bay-hop around all the islands while making your way across your journey through the Ionian sea.

2. Quaint Greek Towns

If being in the midst of the natural world isn’t your ideal getaway it’s fine! It’s not a problem! Ionian Islands are well populated and are home to a variety of small villages and towns that are cosmopolitan to explore while you’re on the shores. If you are on Corfu it is recommended to go to Corfu’s town Corfu that is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is a mixture of European influences in the city squares and public parks and other structures. On Ithaca there is a place to be anchored in Vathy the capital in which you’ll find one the safest natural harbors in Greece. It’s a wonderful place to sit and take in the cafes that are that are set in front of the sea.

In mainland Greece You could also include Parga on your sailing route A small town that has famous castles tucked away in the mountains above the harbour. There are numerous beaches that are protected by the sun and boast crystal clear waters. While here, you can also go on the ancient Greek labyrinthine or even take an Parga Tour Train for all-ages enjoyment! Since sailing on the Ionian is a well-known charter yacht and many towns are home to an enviable nautical heritage with lots of amenities and watering holes in the local area. While you’re there, benefit from facilities or get together with charterers.

Be looking out for the emergence of Skorpios Island! The island was bought from Aristotle Onassis in the 1960s and later utilized as a private residence for many generations The island has numerous unique features, like beaches that have sand from Salamina and around 200 kinds of trees. Because it’s an exclusive island that is not accessible to the general public. It is possible to walk right up to the shoreline, and enjoy a stunning view of the luxury villas, beaches, and island landscape from your boat!

3. Experience mythological history through the eyes of a child

For those who love history for those who enjoy history, Ionian islands are a must. Ionian islands are an ideal destination and for those who just enjoy an interesting history The islands offer an interesting research.

The Ionian Islands are a great example of classical Greek culture. The name is believed to come of the god Io who crossed Ionian Islands in Ionian Sea while fleeing Hera. The islands, including Corfu and Lefkada are often mentioned in the epics of Homer. This island in Ithaca is home to Odysseus the Hero in the Odyssey.

Because of the changing hands throughout the years and the passing of time, the islands have diverse cultures that are indicative of their historical. In the period between the 2nd and the 3rd centuries BC in the 2nd century BC, the Ionian Islands have been occupied by the Roman Empire, the Venetian Empire and that of the French Empire, and the British Empire.

On the islands, take note of the various architectural styles. The food also has distinctive flavors, heavily in the influence of Italy. With so many unique Ionian products, this blend of different cultures will make your time at sea truly unforgettable!

4. Perfect for all Levels of Sailors

One of the things we love regarding Ionian is that Ionian is that everyone are able to enjoy a trip in these idyllic islands. With a short distance for sailing and a line-of-sight-based navigation system and a mooring system, sailing the Ionian is a breeze. It is among the least challenging spots, with consistent winds throughout the afternoon to allow for thrilling sailing, and light winds at dusk to allow for easier to moor. Ionian is an ideal destination for families with young children. Ionian Also, it is a fantastic location for families with young children due to the abundance of islets, islands and anchorages. We recommend that you charter for two weeks so you can take pleasure in sailing and ashore time equally.

5. A plethora of Nightlife

The Ionian Islands are also known for their lively atmosphere! Zakynthos is a huge center and has plenty of clubs and bars. On Zakynthos Laganas, the city of Laganas is among the most sought-after places to go on a bar crawl, thanks to its lengthy strip of clubs and bars. Corfu has an extensive selection of bars where you can have a great time at the seaside restaurants and bars along with more popular bars.

On another island, life is in the form of a different kind. Kefalonia is a great example. Kefalonia and Lefkada are more laid-back yet you are able to have a great time out! Bars with lounges are very popular and many will remain open into the early hours of the morning. In general, on smaller islands, the nightlife comprises of a lengthy dinner at the ocean. With delicious food and great beverages, it’s the best alternative!