Reasons to Book a Taxi for Your Office Christmas Party

The office Christmas party time of year is practically upon us! Perhaps you have got your transport organised? Allow me to share ten reasons you should reserve a cab.

#1. Christmas parties for nearly all people mean enjoying, eating, and dancing a handful of drinks. And why don’t you? You deserve to allow the hair of yours down after a season of work that is hard! Which means you are able to correctly loosen up and enjoy yourself, let us be your designated driver.

#2. In case you’re organising transportation for a selection of workers, taxis Swansea is an excellent choice as the fleet of ours consists of individuals carriers along with minibuses. We likewise present an account booking service that is perfect for organizations in Maidenhead.

#3. With many festive work celebrations happening in December, the temperature happens to be bad. But do not let this ruin the fun of yours! Reserve a taxi to make sure you travel to and from the christmas dinner of yours in warm and dry conditions.

#4. Christmas is a pricey time for both businesses and people. If you’re keen to keep costs minimal, you might discover our twenty % discount* on almost all metered fares a good deal.

#5. At such a fast paced time of year individuals usually end up longing around and longing around in taxi rank queues. Pre-book a taxi being you home with no delay.

#6. Coziness is normally a problem at office christmas parties, with heels and overeating being the primary and comfortable killers! Going for a cab between venues can help keep the feet of yours and tummies satisfied.

#7. We allow it to be convenient and easy for buyers to order and spend on a cab. You are able to book by phone, online or even making use of our pay plus app by cash, card or perhaps with a corporate account.

#8. If you’ve been provided the process of organising the company Christmas gathering, you might be feeling just a little anxious at this time. Nevertheless, with our reliable service, the transportation is one less point that you can stress about.

#9. Many employers are worried about the security of the staff members of theirs throughout the Xmas party period. Hiring taxis for the employees of yours is a great way to make sure they get sound and safe home.

#10. Christmas parties are about glamour and glitz. Thus, if the causes above were not adequate to persuade you to reserve a taxi for the work party of yours, at minimum do it to make certain you turn up in fashion!

We wish to look at you during the Christmas party season.