Holiday Car Rental Shortage and How to Avoid It?

Pace of COVID 19 vaccinations accelerated and seems as this holiday season is busier than ever. With the summer time approaching, locating a ride for the holiday of yours may be a hassle.

Travel business has resumed faster than most rental agencies expected as well as left them really short on inventory in locations that are popular. Each season the rental car business starts off getting very busy during the spring break, though no one was planning on this considerable demand. The Corfu car rental business simply does not possess the resources to meet up with the demand.

This much increase in demand caused costs to increase nearly 300 % in certain places. The shortage in rental cars is likely to continue, we recommend you to make a price comparison carefully and create a great strategy on your vacation rental. Particularly for the favorite locations like Corfu!

Professionals in the car rental industry suggest tourists that are considering moving on upcoming days to book their rental car as soon as you can.

Allow me to share a handful of suggestions for your future trips!

You are able to extend your rental dates a few of days more to look for cars that are available.
You are able to look for the nearest airport location to the destination of yours. Airport locations have much more supply than community locations.
Do not overlook that the majority of the car rental businesses are closed on holidays, you might wish to determine your pick up day on Friday and also go away day on Monday.
Booking ahead of time is crucial.
Make use of comparison sites as CorfuCars4Hire. By comparing you are going to see the perfect price among the currently available rental cars.