Why Use an Emergency Alert System?

It is often not until the unforeseen occurs we realize how critical the necessity is for an effective communication system. If good communication is lost, the staff of yours and clients lose their confidence and trust in you.

It may be an emergency event, an important update for the clients of yours, or maybe an essential message that has be relayed to the employees of yours. Whatever it’s, you do not possess the time and resources to squander scrolling through worker email lists and also compiling client telephone numbers.

By merging 4 effective systems in a single to distribute the information of yours via voice call, text, email and web, Rapid Reach allows you to participate or even alert the company of yours and the clients of yours in only a couple of basic steps…saving you time, aggravation and money at the same time. The emergency notification system of ours provides not just peace of mind, but additionally access to the connections of yours in all situations.


Crisis Notification
Quick messaging is the most important in an urgent situation. The ability of yours to send out a quick alert to your customers or employees may mean the big difference between losing a construction, equipment along with other valuable assets, as well as death and life. When individuals are relying on you to help keep them safe, being assertive with the response program of yours is crucial.

Regular Messaging
We know that not every communication needs are important. Our clients depend on the system of ours to dispatch some sort of consistent messaging. You’ve the capacity to send messages in time that is real or maybe schedule alerts for the long term, and also generate time saving guides that align with your company’s emergency preparedness program.