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Which computer should I use for 3ds Max?

Do you require a brand modern Workstation that supports Autodesk 3D Studio Max? This sophisticated 3D computer graphics software is a daunting task in the absence of the right hardware to perform the task. The tasks like 3D animations, modeling, games development, and the numerous plugins offered by 3D Studio Max could challenge Workstations to the limit. Thus, selecting the best Workstation specification to meet your needs is vital.

Innovative technologies are frequently being released, making it more difficult to pick the right combination of components that will benefit the most from Autodesk 3D Studio Max. You might be wondering how much RAM is required? What kind graphic card do I need to buy? What kind of drive is sufficient to support your 3D workstation? We have the answer you’ve been looking for. In this article, we’ll provide all the details that you need to find the most efficient workstation to use with 3DS Max.

What is the most effective configuration of the best computer for 3ds Max?

Selecting the right processor for your 3DS Max workstation is probably the most difficult aspect to make a decision when configuring your hardware. Different CPUs have their own strengths and weaknesses, and knowing this can assist us in making the most suitable choice for you. For instance, frequency (also known as GHz) is an important factor that determines the amount of processes the CPU can perform in a matter of seconds.

Modeling workflows are heavily dependent on processing speed, and therefore, greater clock speeds are vital. Furthermore, the amount of parallel computations that a processor can execute is directly influenced by the number of cores it can have. Multicore parallel processing greatly speeds up rendering on CPUs. However, the drawback is that processors with large amounts of Cores or Threads typically mean slower speeds and, consequently, less capacity for modeling.

CPU Cores Vs GHz

How do you ensure outstanding rendering capabilities and still maintain good modeling capabilities? One option is to use multiple machines that are specifically designed for each task however this isn’t without its drawbacks, as it comes with additional expenses.

For single-system solutions, we suggest that you choose AMD Ryzen Threadripper Workstation. This Workstation platform provides users with up to 64 cores and 128 Threads, while maintaining the impressive clock speeds of its cores. It’s the current best multi-purpose Workstation solution, ideal for rendering and modeling.

You can also opt for an option with a higher speed like AMD Ryzen. AMD Ryzen range of Workstations that offer superior modeling performance, however it isn’t quite as efficient as the AMD Ryzen Threadripper system when rendering by the CPU.

The most efficient method, however, is to go with an approach that is multi-system. Selecting a low-core count, high-speed Workstation to model tasks and an additional rackmount or deskside option for rendering , means that you don’t need to decide between modeling or rendering speed. Create models on your computer and send rendering jobs via your network to get fast results. This solution is scalable and you can easily add further render nodes later to increase the speed of rendering.

The System Memory (RAM) for a 3D Studio Max workstation

It is vital to build or purchase an individual 3D workstation with the right RAM configuration. What amount of RAM you’ve got influences the performance of your system positive or negative. But, it all depends on the complexity and size of your 3D scene.

In certain situations, data sets need an immense quantity of memory (RAM). If you don’t have enough RAM, the system will use slow masses storage (Hard Disk Drive or Solid State Drive) to reduce performance, resulting in a dramatic decrease. A system with greater capacity RAM will deliver consistent results while ensuring maximum performance. So it is advised to have ample RAM in order to prevent performance declines without overdoing it. The RAM that is not used provides little or no improvement in performance, and also comes with extra costs, so it’s essential to strike a equilibrium.

We suggest that 16-64GB of RAM is enough to handle the majority of 3D Studio Max user’s workflows. If you decide to purchase two different systems for modeling as well as rendering, we recommend that your modeling workstation as well as your render node be equipped with the same memory. This avoids unwanted performance issues.

Graphics Card Graphics Card

Deciding on which graphics card will be most appropriate for you 3D Studio Max Workstation is crucial. There are a variety of choices of graphics cards available and we would recommend the premium NVIDIA Quadro RTX series as well as it’s AMD Radeon Pro graphics card ranges. AMD And NVIDIA offer their consumer models, referred to by the names NVIDIA GeForce RX as well as AMD RX. Professional software applications like 3DS Max require crisp, high-quality graphics output that doesn’t exhibit glitches. Workstation-class graphics cards have a lower chance to trigger problems like these.

GPU Rendering

GPU rendering is a very efficient method of rendering that is much more cost-effective than rendering farms that use CPUs. It’s also a adaptable workflow, meaning that the greater the graphic performance you can allocate to your task, the quicker rendering will be. GPU rendering is extremely efficient when using multiple cards. It is a great way to optimize your workflow.

While we typically recommend professional graphics cards to use with 3D Studio Max, you might get more for your money when rendering with Consumer Cards. Autodesk tested NVIDIA GeForce RX card, AMD Radeon RX cards over the past few years. These cards may not be ISV certified like professional counterparts, however, you should be able to trust testing a card from Autodesk. Take a look at the most recent tests of the graphics cards available from Autodesk to learn more about. Contact us today to determine the most suitable setup to meet your needs and budget.


Solid State Drives (SSD) are more expensive than the standard HDD. However, with the additional expense, SSD storage brings substantial performance advantages to your computer. When you replace a conventional Hard Disk Drive (HDD) with an SSD the system will be much more efficient. To make your system even more responsive you can opt for the M.2 SSD with NVMe.


The most optimal 3DS Max Workstation solutions depend on the primary objectives you have for the software. To get the most efficient 3D modeling experience, a fast speed processor is what you need the most. If you are looking to cut down your rendering time, you should focus on obtaining a large number of Cores / Threads that can be used in one Workstation or through creating a networked rendering farm. Additionally, rendering using an GPU is a great way to get the best GPU performance for your budget. For a custom, free quote with no obligation for your next 3D Studio Max Workstation, get in touch with our consultant team now.