Tell Me More About… GRP

What is GRP?

GRP (Glass strengthened polyester) is a composite material enhanced by fine glass fibres. It is just one of the most sophisticated flat roof systems on the market as well as has been specifically created for level roof applications in the UK. It can be related to tiny domestic scenarios right through to huge commercial atmospheres.

A GRP roof is a wet laid, single ply GRP Grades laminate composed of 2 layers of catalysed resin sandwiching a layer of chopped strand glass fiber mat. It is applied to a new OSB T&G 3 board.
What are the Positives of Having a GRP Roof Covering Installed?
Cold Applied

One of the essential installation factors in relation to GRP is that it’s cool applied; giving it a seamless and adaptable weatherproof coating that will certainly last as long as the building stands if correctly preserved. This suggests it can be set up any time of the year. The excellent temperature level for installment is in between 5 ° C and 35 ° C. No warmth is required throughout the setup process, such as a lantern, which allows for a safer working setting.

GRP flat roofing systems come with the option of 2 qualities of cut hair matting (CSM). This is the textured cells that rests in between the OSB board and the fibreglass set out throughout the flat roof covering. The 450gsm CSM is for areas of occasional foot traffic and the thicker 600gsm CSM is suitable for an area of heavy foot traffic or tons bearing (outdoor decking, promenade floor tiles).

When set up, the system itself is very long lasting as well as effect immune. The thicker CSM shields your roofing system from raised foot traffic which makes the possibility of damages extremely unlikely but not entirely out the inquiry. It’s additionally storm evidence, frost evidence, fire resistant and also heat immune.

What Makes it Ideal for my House?

GRP roofing system systems are perfect for residential applications as well as are virtually maintenance free when installed. Because of their sturdiness, the level of maintenance you’ll require to obtain on your GRP level roofing system will be very little.