How to choose LED Panel Light?

LED Panel light now is growing on the market, it’s one of the most effective lights choices for indoor applications, considering its easy installment, modern-day style, as well as efficient light high quality. Currently practically every provider producing led lights can likewise produce led panel lights, so just how to choose the most appropriate panel light for your needs? This blog post will tell you the differences of the materials utilized in the panel and learn just how it affects the high quality and also price.

From the eruptive image you can see that panel lights are primarily include structure, LED, diffuser, LGP plate, LED chauffeur and also back plate. Currently let’s review these materials as well as see what are the distinctions when you pick a panel light.
Frameworks( light weight aluminum heat sink).

There are primarily 3 moldings of frame for panel light.

  1. Marking aluminum.

Marking alu usually made by 1mm aluminum board, and then bonded to put together as a structure, use wiredrawing surface area treatment.

Advantage: from appearance, the joint location of warm sink can reach a seamless degree, it’s more light, easy to mount as well as affordable.

Downside: heat sink made with marking aluminum is easy to damage hands. As well as, for 36w and also various other higher electrical power panel lights, warmth dissipation is very negative, the circumstance of LEDs wear out is extremely typically.

  1. Extruded light weight aluminum.

Panel light with extruded light weight aluminum, generally made by AL6063 and AL6061 material, the structural stamina of AL6061 is more powerful than AL6063, but appearance and also surface area therapy are not comparable to AL6063, primarily, the distinctions are tiny. Frame made by extruded light weight aluminum is most usual for LED panel light.

Benefit: warm dissipation is excellent, with beautiful appearance, varied surface area treatment, reduced tooling expense as well as easy to shape up. And the dimensions can be custom made according to different applications, with great plasticity. All these functions make it one of the most ideal design to make led panel light.

Downside: price is higher compared to marking aluminum, and also material is extra hefty.

Although the extruded alu is the very best product to make an led panel 600×600, in the market now there are lots of short-term-business-suppliers have eyes only on earnings only, they utilize affordable, unqualified products to produce panel light. Generally, the thickness of the frame has to be 2mm, only that it can reach great warm dissipation.

  1. Die-casting light weight aluminum.

Die-casting light weight aluminum is primarily put on the panel lights with small sizes that size is under 300mm.

Advantage: assimilation, an absolutely smooth account, with classy expectation, great heat dissipation as well as affordable price.

Disadvantage, tooling cost is high, dimension is dealt with that it’s incapable to customize randomly based on consumer requirements and also without plasticity.


Kind of diffuser: PC, PMMA, PS, PP.

  1. PC—- Polycarbonate.


with high Intensity and also flexible coefficient, high influence toughness, large utilizing temperature level range.
high transparency and also cost-free chromaticity.
high quality of H.D.T.
great tiredness resilience.
excellent weather condition resistance (weather resistance is the capability of a material, paint, movie, or such to withstand the results of wind, rainfall, or sunlight as well as to keep its appearance and integrity).
odourless and safe to individuals.
shrinkage rate of shaping is low and with steady dimension stability.

In brief, COMPUTER is with the best stability, the fire-rated level is high and safety qualification is better.

Nonetheless, in terms of manufacturing and also advertising, COMPUTER is more expensive and because of the big fixed electrical energy, it’s very easy to take in dirt throughout setting up, it additionally has higher labor cost( PC diffuser is with safety movies on both sides, takes more time and energy to get it off ). Additionally, the light transmission for PC is a lot reduced, at around 86%.

  1. PMMA– referred to as acrylic.


PMMA is with excellent weather resistance, higher Surface Glossiness, as well as much better high-temperature habits.
PMMA board have great printability and also sprayabilit, it can make perfect surface attractive impact procedure with ideal print innovation.
Fire resistance.
PMMA is vulnerable, very easy to damage.

The benefit of PMMA put on LED Panel Light:.

Cost-effective, PMMA is easy to pre-forming and also materials are inexpensive, which makes it very typical earlier in the production of panel light.
Silk print impact is outstanding if you require to publish your own logo as well as light criteria, PMMA is preferred.
Super high light transmission, approximately 90% or two, yet it also brings some difficulties. Because of the high light transmission, it’s difficult for a diffuser to cover dirt as well as other tiny things, so occasionally it always has a light area. Like PC, PMMA likewise has protective documents on both sides, that it’s very easy to soak up dirt because of fixed electrical energy, so it needs a really strict production environment (demand to be dust-free) to produce panel light.

  1. PS—- polystyrene.

PS is with superb chemical stability, thermostability, Optical transmission characteristic, insulation characteristic and with minor dampness absorption propensity, it can be used in a damp atmosphere and it’s with high radiation resistance. But it’s vulnerable, with reduced influence toughness and bad weather condition resistance, it’s very easy to turn yellow and get crisp. Warm resistance is also negative, distortion temperature is 70-90 °, only available to use under 70 °, chilly resistance is additionally not good, the brittle temperature level is -30 °

. Although there are a lot of problems for PS, when make an application for indoor the area temperature is typically greater than 0 ° and without solar radiation, PS can be a good material for panel light. Compared to PMMA, it’s with tiny fixed power makes it simpler and also practical to prepare production. PS is cheap, simple for fruit and vegetables and also incise, light transmission can up to 88%, All of these features make it the favored products for vendors when it initially released to market.

  1. PP—- polypropylene.

PP is mostly used as a low-priced item. People in the market call it squander products.


non-poisonous, odor-free, it’s one of the lightest variety of all type of plastic.
perseverance and also fatigue resilience is as like PC.
high light transmission, near PS, can likewise as much as 88%.
without movies externally, very easy to generate and construct.
PP is with great warmth resistance, melting point in between 164 ~ 170 ℃. without the exterior pressures, it has no contortion also in 150 ℃.


When apply to low temperature level, it’s very easy to obtain crunchy, not wear-resisting as well as aging quickly.
high static power, obtain dusty on surface area after longtime made use of.
soft, panel light of huge dimensions are very likely to sag naturally.

LED Vehicle driver.

Driver plays a critical duty in the lifespan of led illumination, it’s really crucial that a chauffeur is picked that is matched to the light and to be brightened.

When picking an LED driver, the following are five variables that you must consider as well as figure out which one is the very best fit for your application:.

Complete LED power per feature: this is the crucial to determining LED driver geography.
The ambient temperature level of the electronic components: For example, with rear lighting where brighter LEDs are needed, a direct motorist is not the very best alternative due to its high power dissipation; rather, a switching chauffeur is a better option because it is extra reliable and, hence, runs cooler at higher power degrees.
Flexibility to change LED setups: light modification capacities by using several luminosity approaches such as voltage referral control as well as PWM control. A large operating supply variety permits arrangement of power supply and also the number of LEDs to drive.
Supported features: such as car dimming, private LED control, color adjustment.
Supported diagnostics as well as security conformity: such as thermal caution, thermal shutdown, open circuit, short, over-current defense, solitary LED failings, under voltage and also overvoltage on the booster, LED temperature surveillance.

Back Plate.

Back plates are for sealing as well as aid heat dissipation. Typically 1mm thickness back plate made by light weight aluminum is much better for heat dissipation as well as make whole structure stronger, today in the marketplace the back plate are primarily with 0.8 mm density and also some manufacturing facilities create back plate with steel to additionally minimize material cost. Metal back plate can be rusted after long time used and have big influence on service life.

So, now you have a respectable suggestion of what you require to look for in picking a LED panel light that is sufficient enough for your application. I know it will certainly be a whole lot to absorb for you, especially if you’re brand-new in this area. Yet do not worry contact us for more information.