Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Guides

Instagram Guides are a brand new feature which are ideal for sharing helpful tips and recommendations. Discover everything you have to learn about Instagram Guides!

Instagram Guides are ideal for sharing curated, scrollable content:

The feature provides owners a simpler method to talk about and drink useful tips and recommendations in an easy-to-digest format.

Prepared to understand everything you need to learn about Instagram Guides? Let us go right in!
What exactly are Instagram Guides?

Guides are a fresh method to discuss and consume content on Instagram.

They allow users to adhere to a curated flow of articles with commentary – which is excellent for step-by-step guides, recommendations, and suggestions.

At first, Instagram enabled the Guides feature for a select quantity of health & health advocates, in an attempt to offer information for individuals who are struggling because of the COVID 19 pandemic.

However, this particular feature is now being rolled out to other users.

Note: In case you do not have access however, sit tight! It should be coming the way of yours shortly.

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The best way to Create an Instagram Guide

In order to create the very first Guide of yours, tap the positive icon on the top right of the profile page of yours and select “Guide.”

From here, you are able to select from 3 various Guide formats:

Places: Recommend locations in the community of yours and beyond

Products: Recommend your preferred products

Posts: Recommend posts you produced or even saved

Each format is created to fit a creator’s needs. Articles, for instance, may be utilized to curate a thread of Instagram posts ( you have developed or even saved) with custom headlines and commentary.

This’s an extremely flexible format which may be utilized to talk about inspirations, tell stories, and also offer guidance or advice.

Items can merely be utilized to curate available products in an Instagram Shop.

This’s a fantastic tool for brands or maybe businesses looking to add additional commentary or context to the shoppable products of theirs on Instagram. Additionally, it opens up brand new possibilities for influencer partnerships, as anyone (including influencers and also brand ambassadors) could utilize this particular tool to curate a summary of items that are suggested .

Places is ideal for sharing the location based recommendations of yours, from community guides to cafes and restaurants.
Where you can Find Instagram Guides

In order to use an Instagram Guide, go to a creator’s profile page and choose the brand new Guides icon out of the feed tab.

From below you are going to be in a position to find out the Guides a creator has discussed, similar to the way the IGTV tab works.

This particular brand new feature is now available with the Instagram Explore Page, and right via a user’s profile.

Instagram Guides produce a totally new method to curate and also consume content on Instagram – opening up huge possibilities for story telling and e commerce on the app.

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