Everything you must know about the tape storage system

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Tape storage is a system through which data is recorded and stored. It is one of the most suitable systems to store a large amount of data. It aids in the backup of data in case of system failure and also stores data for a long time. Companies still use tape storage to store their valuable data for a long time. It offers a high capacity of storage with comparatively low maintenance and is highly reliable. It is easier to store data using tape as compared to a hard drive. That’s why even though companies’ back mediums are cloud storage and hard discs; tape storages are also actively used to back up and archive data.

What are the different benefits of storage tapes?

 Storage tapes can benefit a user in several ways, such as

  • Long-term: these tapes are best for storing data for a longer time, especially when it does not require accessing the stored data. It has long durability as compared to some other storage systems.
  • Cost-effective: magnetic tapes are cost-effective as they don’t require to be replaced in a short period. It is often used for storing data that is not required to be accessed often.

Storage tapes damages

Even though these storage tapes offer multiple advantages, several cases may damage the tape and might affect the data. The damage can be a failure in backup or archiving data, overwritten tapes, broken tapes, etc. Following are the two types of damages that one might encounter while using tapes.

  1. Physical damage: physical damage, as the name suggests, refers to the issues that happen on the tape itself, such as starches, twists, folds, cracks, etc. It also includes damages from water, fire, or any other thing. Recovering data from physical damage includes a complicated process but has a high recovery rate.
  2. Logical damage refers to the issues that might be faced while accessing the data from the tape. If the data is overwritten or has been affected by a virus, it is logical damage. Recovering data from logical damage also has a high success rate, but it is complex compared to physical damage.

However, tape data recovery is possible and can aid you in restoring all your data from any tape damage. It is a process of successfully copying and retrieving data from the tape and then processing it to other devices. Tape data recovery services are offered by several organizations and can aid you in receiving your stored data without any hassle. Tape data recovery can be performed manually or can be programmed using appropriate software.