Ender 3 V2 vs. Ender 3 Pro

The chronological order doesn’t always have something to do together with the quality. Even though the Ender 3 Pro* is already a fairly good gadget, the Ender 3 V2*, that had been released in 2020, has a handful of extras and is available from the Creality Ender-3 V2 UK Store.

The V in V2 means Version, therefore Creality wants to offer the Ender three V2 as a longer version of the Ender three. The Pro model doesn’t have this particular claim, it’s designed to be an Ender three for somewhat more pro applications.

Aside from the typical teething issues (higher fees, start up issues with display and firmware), the new developments in the V2 include attachments like the practical toolbox as well as an ergonomic rotary knob for nourishing the filament into the extruder.

Whether these additions justify the additional expenses is one thing everybody must determine on their own.

Creality and also the Ender three – a Success Story

Particularly, the Creality Ender 3* is just about the most favorite 3D printers amongst novices as well as novices inside the entire, big community. This has the benefit that there’s usually support for these units.

Regardless of what issue troubles you: Someone has experienced it previously, knows it and may resolve it. The recognition of the unit is something unique, because the Ender three series has been available for quite some time today.

The Ender 3 is thus enormously long-lasting. Which does not just pertain to the series, but additionally to every individual device. Additional 3D printers in the low budget segment have quality problems, areas break, there aren’t any substitutes, usage strikes. All of that does not appear to affect the Ender three devices initially.

Creality hasn’t discontinued the Ender three in the fundamental version. The unit remains available.

It was the Ender three which made the business, founded in 2014 in Shenzhen, China, but still based there, so famous. As the very first low budget gadget, the Ender three was instantly introduced into an open source url, the hardware specs are as readily accessible as the CAD data, everything and firmware else.

For the hobbyist segment in terminology of 3D printing, the printer continues to be a total novelty in 2018. Creality has revised the unit several times since that time and launched the respective brand new developments as the own devices of theirs.

Additionally, the producer has launched improvement for the Ender three and the descendants of its, along with other companies have jumped on the trend. Thus both the Ender three as well as the Ender three V2 can be upgraded, transformed, rebuilt, and expanded with several gadgets – the same as the fundamental Ender 3.

Ender three: The Base

Just before we speak about the advantages and disadvantages of the 2 revised versions, we must briefly present the Ender 3*.

This’s since another 2 are based upon this particular unit, the Ender three from 2019 (FDM technology).

These’re the specialized data:

Shipping condition: pre-assembled
physical design: cartesian X Z printhead Filament: 1.75 millimeter
suitable filaments: PLA, TPU, PETG, ABS, third party companies potential Precision: 0.1 millimeter
Layer height: 0.1 millimeter
Extruder: individual die, Bowden extruder Nozzle size: 0.4 millimeter
Installation space: 220 x 220 x 250 millimeters
Printhead temperature: up to 255 degrees Celsius
Print bed: as much as 110 degrees Celsius
Print speed: maximum 180 millimeters a second
print chamber: open, no housing
hand print foundation alignment
LCD display
Connections: USB stick, SD card
no built in camera
including print continue function
Slicer: Cura, Simplify3D
Operating Systems: Windows, Mac
File formats: STL, OBJ
Printer frame size: 475 x 470 x 620 millimeters Weight: 7.8 kilogram

And so the unit isn’t high-end, the wide open print chamber specifically is tricky for processing ABS*. The resume print functionality is great but usually ineffective in case associated with a major power failure.

Simply because the moment the heating foundation cools down, the portion often detaches from the printing plate. What this means is that printing can’t be continued anyway.

Nevertheless, this particular functionality is very successful for small fluctuations in the power cord which are in the assortment of several seconds, or a maximum of mins. But when will you truly need it?

Additionally a little challenging for beginners: the mechanical print bed alignment. Particularly here, mistakes frequently occur that could ruin the print. Nevertheless, the unit is of course extremely interesting, particularly in view of the low cost of its.

Ender three Pro

Aside from changes that are small, the Ender three Pro* is very little completely different from the prior model. What has Creality changed in the printer?
Much more sound frame

The balance of the frame was usually criticized in the Ender three, therefore Creality has changed the foundation of the y axis for the Ender three Pro. Today there’s a stable aluminum extrusion frame of forty by forty centimeters with these. This raises the caliber of the pages extremely, because the trembling, vibrating plus jerking in the frame usually resulted in printing mistakes in the starting version.
More efficiently Power Supply

Creality has additionally because of the Ender three Pro a brand new Meanwell power supply product (PSU). The PSU is thinner, works quieter and therefore doesn’t enhance the quality of printed documents, however the subjective perception.

All things considered, the desktop 3D printer remains situated in the living area for many customers, therefore much less background noise is certainly useful.
More effectively lover position

The Ender three had the fan on the roof of the printer platform. This is often done, though it’s not clever. Since filament residues that have dropped down occasionally accumulate below.

This clogs up the fan when it is not blowing the crumbs directly throughout the room (and upon the not-yet-cured print part). The fan on the Ender three Pro is situated on the underside of the 3D printer. Plastic-made debris don’t winds up in the fan, though the air circulation is fairly restricted by the brand new place – in one respect greater than previously, in another even worse.
Magnetic print bed

Creality has enhanced the create plate of the Ender three Pro: Now there’s a magnetic print foundation. This plate could be removed and it is versatile. Because of the magnet, the build plate is securely anchored in the printer, therefore the print end could be developed very well.

The moment printing is done, just eliminate the plate and twist it slightly – this ought to release the cooled element very easily. Based on the maker, the textured surface area of the magnetic printing plate must help the adhesion of challenging filaments.

This way, Creality would like to make the normally quite unsatisfactory outcomes of tests with hairspray, glue sticks as well as tape needless.
Relatively more expensive

The build functionality, design, and space of the Ender three Pro have therefore remained virtually unchanged in comparison to the Ender 3 in the fundamental version. Nevertheless, the 3D printer is generally a little more costly than the fundamental model. Every then and now, but there are discount promotions, however this may turn in to the opposite.
Metal case for warm end

The warm conclusion casing of the Ender three Pro is composed of metal and can make a good impact. This does not have any impact on the quality of printed documents.

Removable, adaptable and magnetically held print bed from what parts could be detached much more easily
enhanced filament adhesion to the printing plate
Stable aluminum extrusion frame guarantees much better print quality (forty by forty millimeters) simply because the print bed has a far more stable base
wider filament guide compared to the fundamental model
brand new, improved role of the fan


Filament residues stay on the print foundation, which ultimately lead to unclean 1st levels and therefore to printing errors
nonetheless the outdated LCD display
Price-performance ratio is a bit better thinking about the print quality of the initial Ender 3
hand adjustment of the belt isn’t user-friendly
Electrical power supply sits on the edge of the device
Motors of the axles lie available without cladding on the axles
aside from the SD card also mini USB port (a little old-fashioned, but pretty common)
Limitations in the information mind compared to the Ender three V2