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Soccer Goalie Glove Sizing Chart

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The sizing of goalkeeper equipment is especially difficult due to the variety of brands, cuts fittings and finishes. Every brand sizes their equipment in a different way, therefore making an informed decision about the size of your gear is a challenge. We will assist you in understanding the sizes of every item and brand!

How to Size Goalkeeper Gloves:

The best method to determine the size of a goalie’s glove is to determine your hand’s length. goalkeeper’s hands starting from the middle finger until the point on the palm. The general rule is to round up and then add an additional size. The hand size of seven inches would correspond to the size of 8. Hand measurement is 7.5 inches. 7.5 inches plus .5 to round it up + 1 is 9 inches. Sizes for goalie gloves for kids are much more challenging. The best cut for a glove is dependent on personal preferences and the body kind.

Goalkeeper Glove Sizing Guide:

It’s not an exact scientific method since each goalkeeper’s hand differs.

Goalkeeping gloves should fit slightly larger than the size of your hand. A goalkeeper’s finger shouldn’t be in contact with the top of the glove, nor should there be a large space which makes the glove feel loose. In general, the range of 1/4″ up to 1/8″ across the top of your fingertip or a thumbnail length in case you don’t have a ruler in your bag.

Here are some helpful tips to help you estimate more accurately. If you do not have a soccer shop nearby to and try on a pair of shoes, here are two popular methods of determining the correct size.

An alternative is to determine the circumference of your widest portion of the palm.

The circumference is measured from the largest part of your palm, excluding the thumb. Round it up until the next largest inch. Add one” on top of the measurements to determine the glove’s measurement.

Make sure you measure each hand and then order the larger size. When you are sizing the keeper’s glove the fingers should not be less than 1/4 inch up to a 1/2 inch away from at the highest point of your glove.

Youth Goalie Glove Sizing Help:

There are some slight differences in sizes between different manufacturers; between cheap gloves for practice and the more costly game gloves; gloves that are sizes for children only; and adults sizes with youth sizes which ranges from size 5 to 11. A size 7 youth and adult size 7 will be completely different sizes.

Glove Sizes:

Size 5 or 4 JR – Small Keeper in Goalkeeper gear from YS. Age range is 7-9 years old. A height of four feet six inches up to 4 feet 8 inches for a size 5. These are kids goalkeeper gloves.
JR size 6 and 7 Medium to bigger youth keeper. Ages 10-12. Age 10 – 12. 4’10″(size 6) 5’0″ (size 7.).
Size 7 (Adult) Large adult size or small keeper. The height ranges from 5’2″ to 5’4″
Size 8 Small to Medium Adult Keeper. Height 5’4″ 5’7 – 5’4″
Size 9 – Medium adult keeper. Height 5’8″ 5- 5’10”
Size 10, Medium to Large adult Keeper. 5’10” to 6’1″
Size 11. Large Keeper. 6’2″ approximately
Size 12, Large Keeper. 6’4″ or a keeper that has hooks to hang meat for hand size (big hands).

Goalkeeper Jersey Sizing and general measurements:

To get the best fit, you should measure a the size of your shirt to ensure it fits well. While your arms are relaxed to your sides, take measurements across your chest from the armpits, then over the broadest part of your chest, and over the shoulders making sure the tape is in line with the floor. Compare the measurements with the ones in the the chart of sizes.

For pants and shorts measurements:

Waistline – Measure your waistline. If between sizes, order next larger size.

Hips Measure the most full portion of your body at the top of your legs.

General Goalkeeper Sizes of equipment:

Soccer Jerseys for Men
Small 35-37 inches
Medium 38 – 40 inches
Large 41-43 inches
Extra Large 44 – 46 inches
2 Extra Large 47 – 49 inches

Soccer Jerseys for Women – Soccer Jerseys
Small 30 to 32 inches around the bust
Medium 34-35 inches around the bust
Large 36-38 inches around the bust
40-42 inches around the bust

Soccer Jerseys Youth
Large Youth Small Size 8
Medium Youth Size 10
Small Youth Size 14, 14
Youth Size 16 X-Large

Soccer Pants and Soccer Shorts Mens
Small 29-31 inches of the waist
Medium 32-34 inches at the waist
Large 37 – 35 inches of waist
38-40 inches at the waist
41-43 inches at the waist

Basketball Shorts as well as Pants – Womens
Small 24″ waist Small waist 34″ hip
Medium 29″ waist 37″ hip
Large, 31″ waist Large waist of 31 inches; 40″ hip
34″ waist; 43″ hip