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Kia Picanto hatchback – MPG, running costs & CO2

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As you would anticipate, the Kia Picanto is inexpensive to purchase and run. Most versions are going to return around 60mpg

Kia Picanto MPG & CO2

The Kia Picanto is going to be an extremely low automobile to run, as the 1.25-litre and 1.0-litre petrol engines return exceptional Kia Picanto fuel average – Kia promises 64.2mpg and as much as 61.4mpg respectively for manual gearbox automobiles built with stop start.

It is well worth bearing in your mind that these figures might not be attainable in everyday motoring, particularly in case you are doing a great deal of traveling on motorways or hilly highways, as these engines have to be revved difficult to make good progress. These figures are just a little behind anyone of opponents, although – the VW up! and Toyota Aygo both return a claimed 68.9mpg.

Picking out the four speed automated gearbox acts up fuel economy, also, reducing the 1.25 litre engine’s figure to a claimed 50.4mpg.

Hand variations of all engines place out 102 106g/km CO2, for a tax cost of £20 a year when registered before April. Automatic versions emit a better 130g/km, meaning the tax bill of theirs increases to £110 annually at prices that are current. Numerous opponents in addition cost £20 annually to tax at prices that are present until you choose green designs (like the up! with BlueMotion Technology), that dip beneath the 100g/km threshold.

From one April 2017, all new Picantos documented will cost you £140 a year to tax.

Like the majority of city automobiles, most types of the Kia Picanto fall right into a minimal insurance group, which means you will not be spending a top yearly premium in case you decide to purchase it. Entry-level models are group two, while Sport trim is in team six.

Kia’s superb company warranty guarantees you will not remain out of pocket for maintenance should something fail with the Picanto during the very first 7 years or maybe 100,000 far of ownership. As this warranty is completely transferable to the next owner, additionally, it helps increase the value of the automobile in case you decide to market it on after 3 or maybe 4 years of ownership. Based on your expected yearly mileage and just how long you are going to keep the automobile of yours, Hyundai’s five year warranty on the i10 are a much better choice, as even though it does not last so long as the Kia promise, you are covered for infinite mileage.

The car’s program schedule would mean you ought to only have to check out the dealer after every 10,000 miles, and you are able to look after your very first 3 or maybe 5 services beforehand with Kia’s Care 3 and Care 3 Plus pre paid servicing plans. These enable you to spend a fixed quantity in time of purchasing the automobile to coat 3 or maybe 5 years’ maintenance, and also you are able to additionally add the car’s very first MoT test for a tiny expense. This makes budgeting for the price of ownership a lot easier in the long haul.