Why PIR? – All about insulation

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What is the difference between PUR and also PIR?

PIR is the ‘boosted variation’ of PUR as well as uses an even greater insulation value and premium efficiency in terms of fire safety.

The significant benefit of PUR/PIR contrasted to various other insulation products is the insulation value.
The Lambda worth of PUR/PIR is situated in between 0.022 to 0.032 W/mK. This indicates that PUR/PIR supplies superior insulation with the exact same thickness. To put it simply, the insulation layer is thinner as well as a lot more efficient, leaving even more readily available room.

Pick the right insulation and also save money

If we conveniently disregard air leaks and also air flow, this implies that doubling the R worth cuts in half both energy loss and energy consumption. Since less PIR/PUR is needed compared to other insulation products to get the very same R value, the financial investment in insulation material is also more small.
Why choose for PUR/PIR insulation boards

PUR/PIR is among one of the most reliable insulating materials available today
With PIR/PUR, the insulation layer is thinner, offering you more room
The boards are fitted with a tongue and groove system for a perfect fit or straight edges for applications where air circulation is not a choice (e.g. flat roofings as well as floors).
Facade is perfectly windtight, thanks to the tongue as well as groove finish and UNITAPE.
PUR/PIR boards supply exceptional dimensional security and also high compressive stamina.
Lightweight: less complicated setup and very easy to cut to dimension.