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Common Boiler Issues Causing No Hot Water

If your boiler isn’t functioning and/or your water isn’t flowing hot to the hot-water outlets, this is most likely due to the pressure of your boiler being too high or too low.

But, there’s an array of possible causes , and in this article we’ll discuss the most commonly reported in addition to the probable solutions.

No hot water coming from combi boiler: The top issues and solutions

When your combi boiler isn’t working properly to produce hot water, here are the most frequently cited reasons that you might encounter, particularly if you discover that your heating is operating, but you’ve got no hot water

The most common reason that you do not get hot water coming from your boiler

  1. Pilot light is not illuminated (no flame means not hot water)

Boilers use gaz (or oil) in order to do this, you need the use of a pilot light.

Pilot lights are small Olympic flames that bear the entire weight of a family’s peace and wellbeing.

In extreme circumstances, this flame might be sparked or, more often it will fail to be caught. This can lead to complete failure, which means you’ll receive the boiler with no heat.

For older models, you may be able to glimpse the flame within the boiler’s framework however, in advanced boilers, it will get notified of its failures by an error message in a depressing black and white screen.

Referring to the boiler’s manual, you can try to turn off your pilot lamp.

If it doesn’t work, you’ll require an engineer in heating to attend to your boiler that is broken and hopefully, you won’t require a replacement.

Fortunately, in the majority of cases it’s an easy DIY fix as well as an easy (free) method to restore your boiler’s hot water back.

Cost to repair (and to get your hot water again):

DIY: £0.00
Engineer: £75-£160

2 – Frozen pipes

If there is no global nuclear disaster it will only apply to winter weather conditions.

A condensate pipe connects our boiler to an exterior wall (or occasionally an inside drain) and permits the ejection of water from condensation.

Because of the slow drip of rain and regular nature of physics, this can occasionally freeze.

When you detect the issue the boiler will stop working in order to prevent safety concerns, giving your no hot warm boiling water (or heating) even.

Fortunately, it can be repaired at home, by melting the frozen part by covering the pipe with a cloth or pouring warm water on the condensate.

You’ll have to restart your boiler following this issue.

After that your boiler should now have its hot water again.

Cost to repair (and get hot water again):

DIY: £0.00
Engineer: £50-£150

3 – Diverter valve that is not working properly

In every boiler is an inlet valve.

It’s an in-situ traffic director, which controls that water flow as an outcast character from the X-Men.

Failure of this device, possibly caused through natural system corrosion or the accumulation of metal over time could allow only hot water to reach your radiators. This would mean you will not get no hot water from boiler.

Other than a possible error code modification the issue is not one you’ll be able to identify at home. A heating engineer is needed.

The most ideal scenario is a replacement of the diverter valve which could cost you about £200 for labor costs, But you should consider the condition and age of your boiler prior to throwing repairs money at it.

Cost to repair (and get hot water again):

DIY: Unattainable
Engineer: £180-£250

Four – Issues with pressure: over or under pressure

The most likely cause is the leak mentioned earlier, however, the result of over or under-pressurisation can cause the absence of hot water from the combi boiler.

If your boiler is not on pressure, it could typically be fixed with an easy top-up.

A boiler that’s over-pressurized may be addressed at home by the simple process of bleeding your radiator, but should that not fix the problem the problem is a damaged boiler part that needs an engineer in heating or a new boiler to be the cause of your inability to get hot water.

You might also think about a power flush to increase the efficiency of your water heating system and avoid blockages.

Cost to repair (and get hot water again):

DIY: £0.00
Engineer: £50-300

The absence of hot water from a system or regular boiler: Top reasons

If you are receiving heating, but not steam from the boiler could be more common when you use an old-fashioned or system boiler with an insulated hot water heater.

1 – Thermostat/timer failure

If you’re adept using your gadgets or keep an check on your energy consumption then you’re likely to use your boiler’s timer to monitor when it’s operating.

A problem with the thermostat will only result in an issue with heating, not hot water.

However, if your thermostat also functions as an alarm clock, a problem that it has caused could result in your boiler shutting off completely, thereby depriving you of hot water , plunge you back into an age that is so dark you’re left feeling blind.

Cost to repair (and to get hot water again):

DIY: £0.00

  1. Leak from the boiler or pipe

A leaky boiler or pipe is likely to cause pressure drops.

The leak could result in the water pressure being too low that can hinder the flow from hot water the taps.

All general losses in the boiler’s pressure could be addressed by filling your tank with water manually , however if the issue is the result of leaks, this needs to be handled by a trained professional.

Cost to repair (and get hot water again):

DIY: £0.00
Engineer: £100-300

  1. Failure of the energy source Electric or gas

The absence of gas or electricity in the boiler can be the most apparent and frequent cause of not having hot water. It could lead to you being classified as a sloppy sausage for Googling the reason why your boiler has stopped working.

It’s not necessary to go in great specifics on how to find out whether you’re connected to an electric or gas supply but you must first ensure that any nearby appliances aren’t affected whether it’s lighting or a gas cooker. Also, don’t forget to make sure the boiler is turned on at first.

Cost to repair (and to get your hot water):

DIY: £0.00 (unless you’ve failed to pay your energy bills)
Engineer: £50-300

4 – Water cylinder not of adequate size

If you’re not receiving hot water from your system or regular boiler, it could be that the cylinder isn’t sufficient for the hot water needs of your household.

Cylinder sizes vary greatly, with smaller sizes being ideal only for homes occupied by two Hobbits with a smaller demand for hot water.

If you’re in the habit of taking particularly long showers to rid yourself of the sins of your bad boiler purchase decision , or you’re a household that is normal-sized, the hot water in your home will go out within a matter of minutes.

The only solution is less hot water, or a bigger tank.

Cost to repair (and to get hot water):
DIY: Unattainable
Engineer: £500-700 (+ fitting)

Is there no hot water coming in your boiler? Here’s the conclusion of a skim-reader

The absence of hot water in your boiler is various possible causes that can cost you anything from nothing to the equivalent of a few hundred dollars, depending on the business you choose to contact to address the problem.

One of the most crucial things to be aware of is that you’re not in hot water

1 – If you’re having trouble receiving warm water out of your boiler, look into every fix that is free or DIY (mentioned in the previous paragraph). After exhausting all options solutions, make sure you know the most likely causes of why your boiler isn’t working prior to getting help from a professional to ensure you know what are supposed to pay instead of what the spanner-wielding clown is planning to charge you on Friday afternoon.

  1. If your boiler is in need of an expensive repair, think about the condition of the boiler as well as the possibility of developing further issues in the near future.

When your heating system is at least 10 years old and has issues due to corrosion or age for example, a malfunctioning diverter valve or frequent leaks, you should consider replacing the boiler.