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What To Expect From A Car Remap?

You’re thinking about a remap but aren’t certain if it’s worth the price? It’s not a problem. We receive many inquiries from potential customers about our remaps and if they’re all they are cracked up to be, so here are the Top 10 Reasons Remapping is Worth It for you to decide whether or no to have it completed.

1. Remapping will give you more torque

Torque is the rotational force or turning force that is applied to an axis. It is the capacity for an engine to carry out work. A rise of torque is a signification for greater acceleration. The torque in turbo-petrol and diesel vehicles is usually at lower revs, and it is this torque that provides that push to the back when you press the accelerator. After a remap, the torque on such cars should increase by 20-30% and on naturally aspirated cars , around 5 percent. More torque means better acceleration and shorter in-gear times which are vital for quick and secure speedy overtaking.

2. Remapping gives you more horsepower

Horsepower is the result of torque and a different value, RPM divided by 5252. It is the measurement of how quick a car ultimately will be and how much the force of the engine is able to propel it. More horsepower equals a higher speed. In simple words, horsepower is the rate at which the engine can achieve its highest speed. This is why the fastest roadsters in the world are more than 1000bhp, and the Bloodhound SSC 133,151bhp. For the everyday driver More horsepower equals more acceleration and a higher RPM, as well as safer overtaking.

3. Remapping is a way to remove flat spots and create more smooth power delivery

If it’s not the absence of power that bothers you about your car however the method it uses to deliver its power, then remapping should be contemplated. Remapping eliminates flat areas of the system to provide you with power at a higher RPM and the smoother driving experience.

4. Remapping leads to better fuel economy in normal driving

With more torque generated at all RPM that means you don’t have to make use of the same amount of throttle to start and keep a pace. Therefore, the engine of your vehicle isn’t working harder for shifting its weight. And through reducing the burden to the motor, you’re in effect reducing the amount fuel it will require to run. This leads to better efficiency and fuel economy. Our fleet customers have experienced significant savings in fuel consumption due to this service. Of course if you drive using your foot throughout the day it means that your fuel consumption is bound to decrease. It’s because you’ll be using all of the vehicle’s new strength and torque, and you’ll use up more fuel.

5. Remapping is a safe mechanical upgrade

Remapping can be a very safe and secure process that can be carried out by a professional, and we have hundreds of clients who have put more than 100,000 miles remapped on their vehicles without any issue, from 1.9 TDI vans to 2.7 L Audi RS4B5’s. It’s a great thing that the majority of our customers look after their cars, and if you’re doing similar, then you can anticipate your vehicle to last the durability of a typical vehicle.

6. Remapping can revive the affection you had once for your vehicle

Nothing is more frustrating than getting behind the wheel of an automobile that is slow. Not only is it boring however, it could be unsafe as well. Remapping can squeeze 20-30% additional power as well as torque out of an engine , which is significant and you’ll notice the upgrade when you get your foot on the pedal. We’re confident that you’ll find yourself enjoying your car a lot more, and all of our customers cite Remapping as the most beneficial thing they ever bought for their car.

7. Remapping is a great pound-forpound performance improvement

Compared to standalone exhaust upgrades or intercooler upgrade and air intake improvements, remapping offers HUGE performance gains. With a brand new exhaust, air intake and intercooler, you could be fortunate to squeeze an extra 35bhp from an existing 2014 Golf GTI at a cost more than PS2,000. However, when you remap your car, you’ll be able to get at least 50bhp and 50 lb/ft. Increased performance for 60 percent less, all with the original parts of the vehicle. Stage 1 tuning therefore is the best performance pound-for pound upgrade on the market – and if you want more power, you could include other upgrades later on to build a stage 2 vehicle.

8. The result of remaps is better towing

If you tow an RV, a trailer or mobile home, similar items unlocking more torque by using changing the map will greatly benefit the tow vehicle. With more torque , you’ll be capable of towing more weight without placing too much stress on the motor and drivetrain.

9. Remapping doesn’t just apply to cars.

Vans Lorries, tractors, quad bikes as well as agricultural equipment like cultivators and mowers can all be remapped or chip tuned for more power and torque. We modify a range of vehicles for efficiency and performance to improve productivity and driveability particularly diesel tractors and mowers that gain 20 percent more torque.

10. Remapping is usually completed within a matter of a half hour

Modern vehicles allow remapping. This is accomplished through an OBD port. It is possible to connect a cable the OBD port which creates a direct connection between our computer and the vehicle’s ECU that allows us to write and read the software it runs. The remapping process usually takes about an hour and with us it’s performed by the roadside in an on-the-go service. For older vehicles as well as some agricultural machinery, ‘chipping’ is essential. Chip tuning is the physical removal of the chip that controls the ECU in order to have it changed or reprogrammed. Again, this is performed at the site of service by our staff and takes around an hour and we store your original file on our system for the event that you need it in the future.

There you have it The 10 benefits of remapping and why it can be worth it. If you’ve got any other concerns about remapping, or perhaps you’d like more information about how it works – please contact us.