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What is engine remapping and is it worth it?

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There are numerous benefits of remapping your car. We look at what remapping is, and how it affects your vehicle , and what potential benefits and drawbacks might be.

Engine Control Unit

Modern automobile engines run on a system referred to by the name of Engine Control Unit (ECU). The tiny computer is responsible for controlling various elements of the engine, including timing of ignition, air/fuel ratio and the boost level. Through adjusting these settings, the car can be modified to boost efficiency or performance or both.

Remapping, sometimes referred to as Chipping is when a third-party software is installed on the ECU to replace the default software of the manufacturer. The new software may include custom settings that allow you to maximize the performance of the engine. It is often adapted to the specific model of vehicle.

It’s typically installed by connecting an laptop to your vehicle’s OBD serial port. This means that it can be done in a short time and with minimal effort. The older vehicles needed the computer chip in their engine completely removed and replaced by the latest chip that comes with the latest software installed in it. This is the reason why it was referred to as chipping.

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What effect could a remap cause?

If you alter the ECU software this engine will be able to operate better than its capabilities to the max usually by increasing the power and torque by 20percent or more! The majority of automobiles have their performance reduced after it leaves the manufacturing facility due to a variety of reasons. This is usually to ensure compliance with emissions regulations or to comply with noise or economy regulations.

In addition, the vehicles are always sold with a guarantee, and the last thing that a manufacturer would want is to repair or replace damaged engines. This is why the performance of the vehicle is kept in the range for the motor.

Many manufacturers also make facelifted versions for each vehicle they make within a couple of years, before releasing entirely new models. By changing these ECU settings directly on model that has been facelifted, you can swiftly and effortlessly increase the car’s performance numbers which makes them more appealing without much effort or engineering needed.

Remaps are merely the result of a software update?

Yes. Remapping is usually referred to as Stage 1 tuning and comes as a part of the various stages provided by the company that offers tuning. Stage 1 is usually only an ECU software upgrade. The second stage and above is usually consist of additional software modifications and more hardware, for example, an exhaust system that is new and a high-pressure fuel pumps. In Stages 3, 4 and 5, it usually require upgrading the turbocharger and supercharger in the vehicle. Stages later in the process need more work, but offer less from performance for every pound of weight than initial stage.

Are remappings harmful or dangerous on the engine?

Modifying settings that affect the control of an engine may cause harm, and depending on the person who created the software and how the tuning software configures it for the specific vehicle. This is why we not advise installing your own program, or software from an uncertified business. There are companies that specialize in tuning who write ECU software. They generally test and tweak the software for up to a year on a variety of automobiles before making it available to the general public. If you choose any of them means that the software you’ve downloaded is likely be safe to use, however, you should always read reviews before you buy.

Does remapping void my warranty?

Since the software that is installed isn’t developed by the manufacturer of the vehicle and is not written by the manufacturer, it could end any warranty on your vehicle. In the end, at the end of the day, it’s not the decision of the manufacturer for pushing the vehicle beyond its limits (or over) and in the event that there were to be a problem, you may end up having to cover the cost of a new engine yourself. The software company that created the map is unlikely to be able to cover these costs also. This is why it’s crucial to choose a reputable company with plenty of expertise.

Does remapping only apply to cars that are performance?

Remaps can improve efficiency and performance for all kinds of automobiles. Even cars with a one-liter engine can benefit from good power boosts from an remap, especially in the event that it comes with turbocharger.

Modern cars include turbochargers (or supercharger) installed in the engine. The engine functions through mixing fuel with air , and the process of igniting it within its cylinders. Superchargers and turbochargers boost the compression of fuel, allowing more fuel to be able to fit into the cylinders before it is ignited. More fuel means more power. It’s more fuel efficient to boost the power of your engine this way instead of simply having a bigger engine in the first place. It is also a lot less. This is why we’re witnessing more 3, 4 six cylinder engine as well as less of the 8-10 and 12 engine cylinders.

Remapped vehicles will get the greatest benefits when they have the turbocharger or supercharger that is installed since the most significant modifications made to the software include fuel compression, mix of air and fuel as well as boost pressure. Remapping a naturally-aspirated engine (one without a turbocharger , or supercharger) means that there isn’t much that you can change. That means that you’ll not see much power boost.

Does my business grow along with performance?

It all depends on the way you drive. In theory, modified engines can be capable of getting the same efficiency that the engine with pre-remapped format, and may possibly be even more effective. The main drawback is that you will have an opportunity to draw more performance through the engine. The majority of drivers , particularly those who have put in the trouble of having their engines remapped will most likely benefit from the extra power by increasing their speed when the opportunity presents itself. In the end, they’ll probably consume more fuel than they did before. What is the most important reason why people are looking for an upgrade? to improve performance.

Are there any additional advantages other than performance and economy gain?

It is possible. Based on the maps you’ve installed, certain cars will benefit from valet or immobiliser mode that you can turn on using an electronic switch. Immobiliser mode means that the car cannot drive even the thief is able to take your keys and then start the vehicle. If the mode is not switched off, your car cannot be driven.

A valet mode could be extremely useful, also. This mode is designed to be turned on prior to handing your vehicle over to a valeting business or to someone else you don’t would like to drive your car over long distances. However, it could also require access to the car in a certain way. Valet mode reduces the speed and performance significantly, for instance with a top speed of between 10 and 20 mph. This can be ideal for peace of brain.

In the same way, businesses with a fleet of employees’ vehicles often use special maps that restrict their vehicles to speeds of 70mph. This stops employees from exceeding the speed limit of motorways. This means that a remap should not solely for those who wish to speed up their driving.

Do I require the highest quality fuel for my reconmap?

Potentially, yes. It’s all based on the kind of map that you have installed. Most of the time, you’ll be able to utilize the same fuel you used to. (For more details on the various types of fuel read our guide to the different kinds of fuels: Petrol vs. Diesel). Certain performance cars might be tuned to the specific grade of fuel. (ie 99 RON Octane for gasoline cars, as well as 55 CN Cetane in diesel vehicles) this means that the vehicle will perform at its best if you stick to that specific fuel grade. There is a very low chance of damage to the vehicle when you choose a less premium fuel, however this can frequently cause jerky driving and a lower performance, more so than prior to the remap was applied. Make sure to be sure to discuss the fuel type you would like that you should use with the tuner prior to you are having your car modified.

My insurance premiums will rise?

Like any modification to your vehicle that you make, you must make the change known to your insurer. If they will accept the change will be up to the particular insurance company you are with, but it’s commonplace to have an ECU change. They’ll typically ask you what the power increase will be in percentage, and let you know if want to continue to insure you to drive the car as well as what the additional price will cost. There’s usually an administrative cost to change the policy also, so keep this in your mind.

If the insurer is not able to continue insuring your needs, you’ll need to terminate the contract and find a new insurer that’s. This could mean you have to pay the cancellation fee, and also losing any no-claims bonus you might have earned during the year.

We don’t advise not revealing the remap for two reasons: firstly, it’s illegal, and also in the event that you need to file a claim, when the map gets found the insurer could make your policy invalid and deny payment.

Can I change the mapping of an electric vehicle?

As electric vehicles become more and more commonplace The question that is being asked is whether they are able to be modified in the same way as the engines. The simple solution to this question is… in fact, yes and maybe in the near future. Although it’s feasible in theory to achieve this however, it’s not yet widely implemented. The reason is that electric vehicles are so new , there aren’t many third-party ECU tuning companies who have developed effective solutions to date.

Of course, the essentials of remapping an engine or diesel engine aren’t in use however it doesn’t mean that these parameters aren’t able to be modified in electric motors. Electric vehicles offer a different power supply than that which we are used to. There aren’t any revs or gears. Moreover, the maximum torque is achieved in a matter of seconds. To ensure convenience and efficiency it will be dialed down for retail vehicles. In the end the majority of people don’t would like to have 100% power as they drive away from the light. (Seriously it’s not possible. It’s not practical or even secure for that matter.)

In theory, the default settings can be modified and allow for more power faster. This would lead to an increase in performance however it would also affect the range, performance, and drivability and the life span that the engine will last.

It’s important to remember, too that these tuning firms have been able to test and tweak their ECU software for petrol and diesel cars. Although their market share is increasing each year, EVs simply haven’t been for long enough. I’d wager that there’s an abundance of ECU tuning companies that have EVs currently being evaluated at the moment and if you’re an avid vehicle tuneer I’d recommend you keep an eye on this field because I’m certain an electric engine swapping is going to be an option to consider in the near future. In the end, if there’s a demand, there’s certain to be a market for it.

What could be the possibilities with the development of an electric car?

As we all know, conventional vehicles are equipped with an ECU which runs a software that controls the way that the engine functions. Electric vehicles come with an CMC (Car Management Computer). Since the whole vehicle – including all its parts are operated by electricity with a computer that can manage everything. The CMC is able to make thousands of choices every second to establish variables like the distribution of power across the motors (most electric vehicles come with multiple motors, whether one per axel or per wheel) and the distance for the automobile, the temperature of its battery and also what the driver wants to accomplish (ie speed up or cruise to a greater extent). That means that, by making adjustments to the software, we are able to alter how the car operates similarly to remapping the ECU.

Before we move on, we should note that many electric vehicles are able to be able to spot changes to their CMC. Some manufacturers immediately cancel any warranty (or stop software updates) for vehicles that have been altered. Therefore, it could be best to wait until your car is beyond warranty before making any changes.

Upgrade your battery

If you can find the space, you can choose to replace your battery. If the battery you have is worn out, you might be able to get rid of it and substitute a new one with more capacity, and operate with a greater power. This will increase the power. Or, if you don’t like messing around with the CMC and you want to tweak the sensors to transmit false information and trick the CMC to deliver greater power than it would. This may result in more power, but could have a negative effect on the power of the vehicle and possibly overheating. Be cautious!

Add additional motors

Many electric vehicles are equipped with various power options. The most powerful models are not equipped with stronger motors, usually include more motors. For instance, a standard version might have a motor for the front axel as well as the most powerful versions could have the same motor on the front, as well as an additional one on rear. If your car only has only motor, there’s the possibility that there’s room in the rear to install another. It is possible to retrofit this. This is a simple method of gaining an extra amount of power. Additionally as the electric vehicle market expands, you can anticipate a variety of aftermarket motors hitting the market. This means that it is possible to change a factory motor for a stronger third-party motor.

Battery cooling

Like all electric mechanical components cooling forms an important element of the overall system. Every EVs are designed to decrease output when batteries become too hot. This is done to preserve their range and ensure that the batteries don’t degrade, increasing their lifespan. The upgrade of the cooling system can be an excellent method to ensure the battery’s protection and also allow for more power or a longer time period before power is cut off to ensure the battery’s protection on longer trips.


Remapping a vehicle can have many benefits, particularly when your vehicle is beyond warranty. Make sure to research the company that you choose to remap well prior to allowing anyone else to put third-party codes on your car’s ECU or CMC Also, always request an insurance estimate prior to doing so also. Personally, I’ve had two cars remapped and will be adamant to do it for future vehicles.