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What are the benefits of remapping my car?

Re-mapping your car’s engine could bring many advantages in the overall performance and efficiency of the car provided it’s performed by an expert.

Let’s examine the benefits of professional car remapping and simple tips to make sure that you choose the best option for your car.

What is the meaning of ‘remapping?

Remapping the car, also known as ‘chipping’ involves changing the microchip inside the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to alter the factory settings. It is the ECU can be described as the electronic computer within the vehicle that regulates engine’s power, and is usually programed to restrict performance.

Car makers limit the performance of their cars due to various reasons, such as to increase the life of the car as well as to meet the regulations on noise and emissions; it also permits the manufacturer to launch a new version without having to purchase an entirely new engine. So, remapping the engine could increase the power of your vehicle by a range of 20-35 percent.

Remapping isn’t expensive It’s an easy and affordable option to let your car to achieve its maximum potential. Although the price will depend on the model and make model of your vehicle the average cost for remapping is £350.

The benefits of revamping your car

As long as it’s performed correctly, remapping could result in a number of enhancements to the system of your vehicle. Here are some ways that a high-quality remap could be beneficial to your vehicle:

Speed and power

The most well-known reason why people may have their vehicle changed is to increase both the power and speed of the vehicle. This is especially noticeable when you are attempting to pass.

Better fuel economy

The remap of your car will increase the number of miles you are able to get, which will improve your overall fuel efficiency.

Lower fuel costs

The car you have remapped will be able to go further for each gallon of fuel. This means you’ll find yourself refilling your fuel tank less frequently, thereby cutting down on fuel costs.

Greater environmental friendliness

Along with lowering your costs for fuel, a improved fuel efficiency reduces the carbon footprint of your car, since you’ll be contributing less pollution while driving your vehicle.

Controls have been sharpened

After the engine mapping You should feel the ride is more fluid and easy, thanks to improved acceleration and engine response as well as sharper control.

Additional power to tow

If you utilize your car to tow a large trailer or caravan You may find that your car needs to be pushed to the limit to move uphill or accelerate. But, remapping can increase the power of your vehicle so that your car won’t need to work as hard while towing.

A few of the potential consequences of an engine remap that isn’t properly done

It’s however not as easy as doing it yourself. You should ensure that the mapping is performed by a responsible and secure expert. After you’ve found an expert, the majority of automobiles that use fuel-efficient or diesel can be modified.

To show how crucial it is to choose an experienced professional to use a trusted specialist, here are the potential risks of a flawed mapping:

More wear and tear

The more power you have can cause an increased strain to the motor, therefore, important components such as the clutch and brakes can endure more wear and wear and tear.

If the remap of your car is not done correctly, the wear and tear could result in your car breaking down. If the job is done professionally, it could mean that you have to make plans for having your car maintained more often.

Value of the car is decreased

Since it’s an adjustment, remapping may decrease its value for your car even more in the event that it’s not handled by a professional.

Warranty null and void

Examine whether your warranties’ terms are in place. If you receive an unapproved remap by your dealer or manufacturer, it could render your warranty null and void.

A lease contract that is invalid

Similar to leasing the car or have financing, remapping the vehicle can cause the cancellation of your lease.

The insurance of your car is affected

Certain insurance companies do not accept remapped cars in any way, particularly when the process has not been executed by an expert. If you locate an insurer which allows remapping, the process could still raise the cost of your car insurance.

We would advise you to not hide the remap of your car – you must always inform your insurance company that your car’s engine has been modified. Although you may not be able to see it, remapping is an alteration to your car. If you do not inform your insurance company that it’s there it could land you in serious trouble for obfuscating details.

If you are planning to modify your car, ensure that you’ve considered all the benefits and drawbacks of this modification to your engine, and are ready for anything that might occur in the future. When you’re completed, you can just relax and take a ride and enjoy the experience.