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How Much HP Does A Cam Add

If you’re wondering if the horsepower of a camshaft is increased The simple answer is yes.

For a stock cam that is high-performance, cam You’ll need make other adjustments, like replacing the air intake, exhale manifolds, the injectors and many more that we’ll discuss further down.

What is a Camshaft Do in a Car?

A high-quality camshaft can boost the power of your car by 10-20 times depending on the type of camshaft you choose.

The camshaft rotates which activates the engine’s cylinder’s vents to exhaust as well as intake. As the shaft turns the cams push down on the intake valve that is spring loaded through the motion of pistons, and then engage those spark plugs.

The camshaft’s size can make a significant difference in the performance of your car. A bigger camshaft can allow more air and fuel to the engine’s cylinder. This makes vehicles run more efficiently and also adjust the timing of the camshaft to ensure that the cams are ahead or ahead could affect an engine’s performance.

What is a Performance Camshaft?

Whatever the model of engine it is involved, and it determines how the valves are opened and closed. The valves then contain the intake of air and fuel mixture as well as the circulation of air. GSC GTR camshafts can increase engine performance, fuel efficiency in addition to cam timing and even emissions.

Each of these elements affects the amount of power your car will be able to produce. If your goal is to increase the horsepower of your vehicle it is important to know the basics of everything from exhaust gas options to timing belt tuning the options for exhaust valves and fuel flow, bolt-ons etc.

Performance Camshaft HP Gain

Performance cams increase the power the car generates through increasing the speed of valve openings, making it accelerate faster.

You’ll experience an unpleasant idle with an overhead camshaft designed for performance with that rumble many people want in their vehicles.

How many HP can an Stage 1 cam add?

The camshaft only adds 10-20 horsepower. The commonly-quoted gain of 50-100 horsepower is only achievable with several adjustments throughout Stage 1 and Stage 2.

How many HP can the Stage 2 cam add?

What is the horsepower that Stage 2 camshaft make? Stage 2 involves upgrading the camshaft, while also improving the intake as well as remapping both the ECU along with the exhaust to complete Stage 1.

It’s possible to feel 20-25 percent more power from the engine after you’ve completed the first and 2.

What is the horsepower of Stage 3 cams add? Stage 3 cam add?

Stage 3 will provide as much as 40 percent more power than Stage 1. But Stage 1 and two modifications have to be finished prior to you can progress to Stage 3.

What horsepower can Stage 4 cams add? Stage 4 cam add?

Stage 4 Stage 4 upgrade boasts a lower torque at lower rpm, but provides maximum power. If you choose the right model you can attain 460+ whp when you purchase an excellent set of head cylinders.

Upgraded Camshaft Benefits

There are many advantages to the adjustment of camshafts, many which boost the performance of your vehicle. We have listed some of the advantages.

Benefit 1

Enhance torque at the low end.

The process of changing the camshafts to make sure that the cams are not behind or ahead can alter the performance of your engine, and, if done properly and correctly, it can improve the performance of your engine. How? The speeding up of the timing triggers the valve for fuel intake to close and then open earlier, increasing low-end torque overall. In addition delay in the cam can boost high-end horsepower. But, this is at the expense of the torque at the lower end.

Benefit 2

increase the power and increase efficiency

The lobes of the camshaft that have been upgraded will have a different form, which allows the valves to open for longer intervals on a regular interval, with a delaying time.

This will ensure the best air and fuel delivery as well as an increase in power and efficiency particularly when you opt for lighter, high-quality models.

Benefit 3

Heightens sound

If you’re a total motorhead, then you’ll appreciate the sounds certain cars produce. If you’re seeking an incredibly low and deep growl, enhancing the engine’s cams is definitely beneficial, because it will give you that strong, clear engine sound.

Benefit 4

A greater range of RPMs

If you are looking to tweak your engine to perform more efficiently while staying within an RPM range, might consider camming their car.

Camshaft Upgrade Pros And Cons

Like any other tweak to a car adjustments to camshafts come with the advantages and disadvantages, a few of which we’ve listed below.


There are many advantages; two of the main reasons that cars tend to go for an upgraded camshaft are because of power and sound.

Both of these parts are improved with the addition of a new cam. This feature enhances the power of your engine as well as the overall performance of your engine.

For a reliable camshaft, the timing of valves, fuel filters and much more it is important to buy high-quality components and ensures the best performance of your camshaft’s add-ons.

This could include components for timing chains and valve train parts, stock heads rocker arms, larger cams, as well as other components that influence how crankshafts function and improve performance.


In some states, purchasing an entirely new camshaft is prohibited unless your vehicle is registered with a certification number for your vehicle.

In this scenario it’s fine to improve the quality of the cam. Another disadvantage, when you are in the process of insuring or selling your car it is necessary to declare all changes. This could raise prices and deter people from buying your car in some cases.

Another issue? The price is expensive, yet many people believe that this is worthwhile in the long run.

Is Buying A Car worth it?

Camming a car is about improving the timing and the duration of the closing of the valve. In motoring terms, it means raising the timing and the lift of valves.

For a deeper dive into the subject, timing is the amount of time it takes for the camshaft’s shaft to open its valves. The higher the speed and the higher the lifting, the greater amount of air and fuel the mixture will get into the cylinder to get the best outcomes.

If increasing the performance of your car is important, then boosting it can be beneficial, since it’s a sure way to boost your horsepower.


Are you able to record any vehicle?

The only exception could be an engine driven car, however, it is possible to overcome this if you own an average car. If you’re not sure then it’s advised to talk to an expert mechanic with experience in this field, and who is aware of the horsepower your particular vehicle could attain.

Are cammed cars reliable?

A car with a cam is extremely trustworthy, provided that it was upgraded properly by using high-quality components. If not, you’ll likely be paying the cost of repairs, particularly if the air-fuel mix has been altered by the engine or exhaust valves are damaged during the process of upgrading.