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Discover different options to sell your car

With the many options available there, deciding on the most effective method to sell your car could be difficult. From private auctions and online car buyers to auctions, auctions and parts exchanges We look at the advantages and disadvantages of each option to help you determine the best method for selling your vehicle and at the highest price.

Selecting the most effective method to sell your vehicle

Selling your vehicle has become more complicated in recent years, and there are many options now available to ensure the highest return on your car, however, what’s the best solution for you?

In the past, there were two easy ways to go about it for reselling it to purchase a brand new car at a dealer or opt to put it on the classifieds on the internet for sale privately.

Today, there are four options to sell your car and each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

The most important aspect is to make sure that you sell your car in a fair manner by getting the most value for it. It starts by preparing your vehicle and making sure it is presented in the best possible light prior to negotiating and sending it off on its way.

Private sales

Selling your vehicle privately is usually the longest-running method to sell your car, but it is in addition, it could possibly earn you the highest cash. There is the hassle of getting it ready for sale marketing it, and taking on time-wasting tasks, and then you have to complete the paperwork once it comes to the time that the vehicle does eventually sell.

Although it’s not the best option for everyone but for those looking to maximize the value of their vehicle (in the majority of instances) it could be an effective way to sell your vehicle. Be sure to be cautious and considerate when someone comes looking at your car be sure to never allow anyone to try it out in the absence of proof of insurance, or allow them to drive it without you being in the vehicle.

After closing the sale, ensure that you have accepted the all the amount due for the car prior to handing the keys over and make sure the payment method is authentic. If it’s a cash purchaser ensure that all documents are genuine and add the total amount together.

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Pros and Cons


Price your item
Sell directly from your home
Sell when you’re at the point of being


No guarantees
Possible haggling

How do you advertise your vehicle

If you are planning to sell your vehicle privately, you’ll need determine the best method to promote your car. You’ll want to get in touch with as many potential buyers as feasible, so you should choose various advertising strategies. Consider placing ads in:

Car sales websites
A window from a local store
The window of your car
Your local newspaper

Whatever you choose, under law, you must promote your vehicle in a precise manner. To ensure maximum coverage, you should include the following information:

Model and make of the car
Your contact details
Year of manufacture and identification number for registration (e.g. “09” or “59” for 2009)
Service History
MOT status
Efficiency of the fuel and type
Size of the engine
Rating of CO2 emissions (for reasons of taxation)
Make sure to detail any changes

It is also important to include specifics of recent repairs, as well as the names of previous owners as this could increase the sales and the value of your vehicle. Make sure you know the forms of payment that you’re ready to take.

Get a lot of high-resolution pictures of your car to use in your advertisement. The more photos you have you have, the more likely to sell. Take photos of the front sides, back, sides and interioras well as the engine and boot If you think of them as sale points.

Probe drives to test private sales

Potential buyers may request to test drive. Be sure that they are legally permitted to do this.

Verify that your prospective buyer is a licensed driver and insurance coverage for driving your vehicle. The buyer might be covered by Driving Other Cars (DOC) insurance, but this kind of insurance typically provides third party-only insurance coverage. This means that should something happen to your car, damages to your vehicle would not be protected.
Inform your insurance provider about the best way to protect your car during tests. Certain insurance companies offer temporary insurance policies that cover tests.
Always be with the prospective buyer and be the person in charge of the keys to your car. Get the potential buyer’s name, address , and number of contact before letting them test drive your car.

Tips for safety when buying private cars sales

Beware of scams and frauds:

Be be wary of offers to purchase your vehicle with no inspection
Beware of potential buyers who say that someone else will pay them in their place
Do not allow any potential buyers enter your property.
Have someone else with you at times of viewings
Don’t give the keys to your car or any other documents until the the payment has been cleared and deposited into your account.
Be aware that a check will appear on your account within several days, but it will not be cleared for at least five working days , and it may bounce
Beware of scammers who will ask you to pay a fee to help sell your vehicle (aka possible scams to match your vehicle)
Beware of fake email scams. They could pretend to be buyers or classifieds sites
Be wary of fake overseas buyers who demand you to pay for transportation (aka possible shipping frauds)

Remember, it is unlawful to offer a vehicle in a non-roadworthy condition to a buyer who is not aware. If your vehicle isn’t safe to drive legally, you have to declare this in your advertisement and then offer it for repairs as well as spare part’.
How do you negotiate the sale of your vehicle

“The most effective advice I can offer anyone is to conduct a lot of research. The internet is an excellent resource to research things such as models, variations pricing structures, prices, and prices for part exchanges. Therefore, research and study!” – Jason Pritchard

Always begin with a figure that is more than what you’re willing to pay, but be sure to keep the lowest price you can afford in your mind also. You are free to refuse any offer, especially in the event that you’re not given a price that is within your budget.
Don’t show that you’re trying to sell your car quickly, regardless of whether that’s the situation. Make sure to highlight the car’s most popular selling aspects, including its model and maker and its mileage or the condition.
If you can, have the buyer supply you with the price first, and then discuss from there. The buyer may offer more than what you originally planned to offer.
You might consider offering an irrevocable deposit in case the buyer isn’t able to pay the purchase price immediately. PS100 is the standard amount of a deposit.

Car purchasing services

This is most likely the fastest and easiest method to sell your vehicle. You just need to enter the details of your vehicle online, and the website will give you an estimate for the vehicle.

There are a variety of automobile buying services available however, comparison websites make it easier to navigate the process by putting you in touch with sites for car purchasing and dealers in a matter of minutes. Compare prices from a variety of car buyers at one time to ensure that you get the best deal without spending a lot of time doing research.

Pros and cons of online car buying services


The fastest way to sell
Multiple locations
Pay quickly


Low value
Unsatisfactory sale price

How do car buyers online work

Utilize a free valuation tool to determine the value of your car worth.
Compare prices of auto dealers online to get the most affordable price
After you’ve found someone to buy your car, you can sell your car in a matter of minutes in cash. Many buyers will even provide house collection on the same day with a the same day payment

The benefits of buying a car online

Sell your car for cash with outstanding financing. Many online car buyers are willing to purchase cars that have outstanding finance and then cover the remaining finance costs in your name (with the settlement fees deducted from the amount of sale)
Absolutely free service, without any obligation to sell
Check prices, fees and customer reviews, and the quality of service to determine the perfect buyer
Sell your car immediately Most buyers pay via money transfer on the same day that allows for same-day payment. They also allow home collection too.

How do you negotiate the sale of your vehicle

The majority of online car buying websites offer a free valuation service, however they you will be charged an administration fee after an auction. Some firms may also charge a cancellation charge should you do not decide to sell.

The value of your car is generally subject to an inspection, which can alter the initial quote online. Make sure you give precise, complete details from the beginning and ensure that you visit the appropriate company’s website for further details.


Auctioning your car is fun, especially watching the bids pour in. But, if your vehicle does not sell, you’ll still be required to pay the entry fee for the auction. In addition the majority of auction buyers are in the field of motor trading which could make your car less likely to sell for the price you prefer.

There are increasingly private buyers who attend auctions and may be willing to spend more than a trader. Vehicles that are able to draw interest from buyers who are not private and those from the motor business are typically popular brands or models that have low mileage and an excellent service background. Cars that are difficult to locate for buyers could make good profits.

If you choose to sell your vehicle at auction, you’ll need to:

Get the car ready for auction.
You must pay an entry fee
Set the price of a reserve
Bring your vehicle to an auction
Keep all keys to your car and documents

If you decide to sell your vehicle the bidder who wins will buy it right away and you’ll have to surrender all documents and keys there and afterward. The auction company will deduct a commission from the sale price. The commission percentage varies so make sure you know the commission rate prior to the auction.

There are numerous auction firms to pick from, in addition to local independent auctions. Conduct a thorough research on the company to discover the best one for you. For instance, certain auction houses will look over and prepare your vehicle in order to maximize the sale.

Online auctions

Digital or online, auction websites let you sell your car in a matter of minutes. Just advertise your vehicle on the site, include photos and a description of the vehicle and then let the auction begin.

The majority of businesses charge an initial introduction charge, an insertion rate determined by your vehicle’s final price of sale or both fees. Be aware of the fees prior to signing up.

Remember, you must always describe your car accurately. Cars that are not roadworthy have to be declared unroadworthy by law.


Set the price
Sell when you’re at the point of being
Sell your products from your desk


No guarantees

Ebay is the absolute leader in the auction market, but it also means that there are a lot of people looking on the site to find a car to purchase. It’s an excellent method to sell your car in the event of minor problems that dealers will take a large amount of money for. Be aware that you’ll need to contend with time-wasters and possible auction costs as well.

Part Exchange

It is the most popular method to sell your car by swapping the car you have for a brand-new vehicle via a Part Exchange dealer. The benefits are that it’s easy to complete, requires no effort (other than the negotiations) and you receive the cash you need to purchase your next vehicle or could be used to help you deposit for a brand new car, too.

Selling your car for cash to a car dealer typically thought to be the most straightforward choice, however the price you pay could be less than if you sell your car privately, since the value of the vehicle (after depreciation) is taken into account. The convenience of a part-exchange could be a persuasive factor, especially if the vehicle has issues scratch marks or dents which could pose a problem for buyers who are private.


Multiple dealers
Cash back on your next car
Buy and sell in one transaction


Some dealers have low valuations, which is why they are
The limit is to buy specific dealer’s stock