What Makes A Good Handbag Really Great?

We asked a number of ladies what separates a great handbag from an extremely great handbag and here’s what you said.


Many females sited colour as being their top priority for selecting handbag competitions to enter with Black becoming the most well-known as it is a colour which complements every outfit and also may be utilized for a lot of various events. If the budget is firm and you are able to only buy one handbag then it’s to be black. For those that really like standing out and aren’t fearful of colour, the lighter and more eye catching the better. Matching bags & shoes are a fashion faux pas.


Quality that is high is following on the list of simple needs. Phrases like long and durable lasting were bandied about with workmanship. A woman intimated that she required the handbag of her to stand up to a lot of abuse. Most females agreed that leather became a hardier plus more good looking material for handbags than fabric or PU.


As quality is frequently connected to budget, it had been agreed that the truth is you ought to buy the priciest handbag you are able to pay for. Nevertheless, in case you watched a purse to die for, then simply by hook or perhaps by crook, you would discover that the funds to purchase it whatever the price.


Sure, size does matter! Many females prefer a sizable handbag with a roomy inside as they have to carry a lot of products. This goes hand in hands with sacks which open wide for access that is easy. Equally, a lot of females need small, neat bags which seem adorable and are not cumbersome and heavy to carry.


A number of females cited pockets as being probably the most crucial factor. Handbags with excellent organisational attributes such as for instance inside aspect zip pockets, pen slots, sections for Smart Phone and credit/store cards holders were most prized. Outside pockets similarly improved a handbag’s attractiveness as they’re helpful for storing items and keys you want fast access to.


A good deal of females like their purse to fasten with a zip. If the handbag is unintentionally dropped, embarrassing contents do not fall out. Additionally, there’s an extra sensation of protection when out and also about in cities and on neighborhood transport where pick pockets could be prepared to make use.

Sienna Leather Work Bag by Catwalk Collection Handbags

This featured quite seriously on the list of needs. Women needed the handbag of theirs being noticed and admired. A trendy handbag with a stylish design is considered a status symbol. The ideal handbag is one which may be lovingly gazed at time and time again, providing you with that bright happy perception.

Faith Leather Handbags by Catwalk Collection Handbags


Following on from Creativity, handbags designed to showcase eye-catching designer consequences are at the top of the listing of desirability. Distressed leather, metallic, washed leather, antique leather, slouchy and also crunch leather feature seriously in probably the most wanted lists; something that’s not simple and boring but with enough information.

A considerable proportion of females needed the bags of theirs being classically timeless. In case they discovered a bag they adored, they desired it to endure forever. If they’d to alter their handbag because of have on and tear, subsequently they wanted it being precisely the same as the prior one they’d run.

Bag Charms.

Ladies enjoy dangly bits. Large themes include animals, gems, letters and hearts. Fashion plays a huge component in option, too; lustrous silver and gold for all those that like bling; beads and feathers for a touch of boho; dark and mystical for gothic; antique or vintage just for the preppy look.


Very much the same as for bag charms, individual choice is the general decider regarding if you should choose gold, antique metal fittings or silver on handbags. Interestingly, it also will depend on what colour jewellery you usually wear.


Interior fabric was another significant element in the best handbag but for several differing reasons. Light coloured clothing are revered as you are able to find contents a bit more easily. Nevertheless, as many females stated they preferred deep coloured clothing as they hide stains from leaky pens & perfumes. Signature linings where maker’s brand is imprinted in the weave are viewed as probably the most stylish. Patterned linings called stripes are fun-loving and playful.

Long cross body straps or shoulder straps which may be modified to suit for individual sizing would be a good choice. Very long Tall Sally needs another long strap!