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What Exactly is a Tracksuit?

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In a time where fashion trends are changing daily the contemporary tracksuit has proven to be extremely durable. Since its introduction from the mid-’60s onwards the sporty garment has been faithful to its basic principles. This is why leading brands like Ellesse and, in turn, were pivotal to the evolution of the tracksuit – don’t try to reinvent the wheel so many times as they make the latest in fashion and technology occasionally. So a classic from the past continues to be the ideal fashion accessory that can be worn over time.

What exactly is a Tracksuit?

Aiming for active wear, but it is equally suitable for relaxing – the tracksuit (aka “warmups”) generally includes a zippered coat and drawstring pants. If purchased as an entire set, the two pieces typically match in appearance and fabric. A majority of examples have waistbands that are elastic and other details that are elasticated to ensure the perfect fit and provide flexibility and comfort.

The history of the Tracksuit

According to legend that first tracksuits were created as early as the 1930s. But, the idea did not really gain momentum until the latter half of the 1960s mostly in the world that was professional sport. Particularly the athletes were required to wear tracksuits on top of their uniforms or clothing for competition to remain cool and agile in breaks. Because of this, the clothing was commonly referred to as”a “warm-up costume” or simply “warmups.”

In the early 1970s the tracksuits began to take on the character of their own outside of the realm of fitness. While still suitable for many different activities like morning walks, the attire was trendy enough to be worn outside of the fitness center. It was made from either polyester, cotton, terry cloth or some combination of the two. This was followed by the velour tracksuit trend, which lasted only a few years until nylon was the primary material , even though fabrics like polyester and cotton were to be reintroduced to the fashion scene.

Fitness and lifestyles were able to merge and the tracksuit has never gone out of fashion. While it’s not as fashionable as in the past, it is an essential piece of clothing in many different environments. Today, you’re as likely to spot someone on the sidelines at the course of a professional sport as you are wearing an informal outfit. It is still made of materials such as polyester and nylon, this classic clothing has literally endured the years.

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The history of Ellesse

In 1959, an experienced tailor with a love of skiing Italian clothing brand Ellesse was the catalyst for a change in the early 1960s through the introduction of their Jet Pant. The Jet Pant was designed to target fellow skiers, the pants had knee pads, joined the back seams and elastic yokes on your waist as well as gaiters (so that snow from getting in the shoes) as well as the signature penguin-themed details. A legendary legacy was birthed.

Never content with their achievements, Ellesse kept the innovations in the span of several decades. in the 70s they released an innovative quilted ski jacket as well as their first tennis collection. In the following decade they expanded their range to more than 100 countries, and partnered with top tennis players such as Boris Becker and Chris Evert and were also involved in FIFA, Formula 1, surfing and golf. Since since then, tracksuits are the ultimate in street fashion, expressing the self-expression of a generation that has been a hit with creatives and musicians of all sorts as they are with the athletes and those who want to be comfortable.

The twenty-first century, and Ellesse have shown no sign to slow down. Their coverage has never been greater and extends from the slopes of skiing to the city streets, and then everywhere between. These guys are masters of the tracksuit too and, just like it, the suit has never been out of style.