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Advantages of Wedding Marquee Hire

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When planning your wedding, finding the ideal location for your event is the most important thing to consider. Are you unsure of the traditional wedding venue or a hiring a marquee? There are 10 good reasons the marquee is a great location for your wedding.

1. You are free to pick your location

All you need to have for an event in a marquee is a grassy area and we’ll take care of all the rest! The field doesn’t have to be perfectly flat as our suspended floors are able to level an uneven field. This allows you to pick the location that holds some thing to you. It could be a place close to the place you grew up in or an area that has precious memories. Are you looking for a different location? The appeal of hiring marquees is the fact that there are numerous scenic locations to pick from whether it’s stunning countryside view or a coastline. There are many well-established wedding venues that hold marquee receptions.

2. The marquee you choose to use is specially designed to meet your needs.

There are no two weddings in a marquee identical – your marquee is custom-designed by you, which makes it distinctive to your special day! Contrary to reception rooms in a hotel, where one size will fit everyone, the size of the marquee will be tailored to your specific requirements, and depending on the number of guests that you will be inviting. To prevent the venue from being too cramped and small, or too big and losing the ambience We can set the marquee to accommodate the dimensions of any event and get the dimensions perfect and to create the perfect ambience.

3. You are able to make a marquee to fit your needs for the day

You have the space, what do use it for? The first thing to do is pick the right interior to suit your taste – we offer numerous options from rental furniture to marquee fairy lights as well as interior roof liner. The marquees at no wedding are identical. It is then your turn to design an arrangement that is optimal for your space and perfectly fits your plans for the wedding day. From the location of the reception and the bar area, all the way to the dancing and dining areas, the idea is yours to develop. If you’re stuck, there are many great ideas!

4. You can show off the stunning perspective

Marquees can bring the outdoor inside, which means that to hire a marquee you don’t have to fret over the weather! If your marquee is situated in an area with a breathtaking views, we’ll ensure that you are able to see the view. Our wedding marquees as well as traditional pole marquees are fantastic because they feature high-pitched roofs and come with clear, panoramic windows so that you can are able to see the view even when inside the marquee as well. Window walls that are clear can also open the space, and also provide sunlight during the day.

5. A marquee rental is an open canvas that allows you to design your personal theme

One of the best advantages of hiring marquees is that you are able to be as imaginative as you want in terms of themes and colors since you don’t need to compromise with the decors in traditional locations. You can select a modern design, or classic vintage, country or beach themes…the possibilities are endless, and your choice is entirely yours! We provide furniture rental and lighting rental in a range of designs and colours to complement your d├ęcor such as whisky barrels and festoon lights , to ivory linings, cream chandeliers and coloured up-lights to create a stunning ambience of your own. We also offer custom dance floors that make an amazing center piece and are perfect to dance on!

The marquee rental will be set up prior to your wedding day, giving you plenty of time to plan, plan and decorate your wedding venue to perfection. You can also give it your own unique twist. That’s what makes it fun!

6. No restrictions on the guests’ number

You can choose your guests’ numbers using the hire of a marquee. However, you must ensure that you’ve the proper size structure to fit all guests, it’s your choice what you want to do with it. Casual or formal, no matter the day or evening guests number, a marquee can be an adaptable space that can be built according to the size of the event. For small ceremonies and an extravagant reception you can rent a marquee that is larger and smaller ones and have multiple locations.

7. You can stay within your budget.

Whatever your budget, wedding marquee hire will give more flexibility in working within your budget cost. You can choose your own decorations and caterer, menu, bar and florist . There are plenty of providers to meet your needs for any budget. A marquee can initially appear costly, but remember that you are in complete control of what you do with your time. To cut costs it is possible to have your family members and friends help with certain wedding chores or you can purchase your own alcohol to serve at the bar! The wedding you plan could be as basic or elaborate as you’d want.

8. You are able to select your personal caterer

The option to choose your wedding caterer is a way to have the freedom to decide what you’d like to consume rather than being constrained by the menus of hotels. From pop-up kitchens that prepare the hog roast to black-tie sit-down meals, there’s an abundance of wonderful event caterers in. They work with locally-sourced food suppliers and cook top-quality meals to meet every budget and taste. The wedding marquee you choose for your wedding is sure to be an amazing experience! We’ve got a list of reliable caterers that were our clients, and we strongly recommend for any event.

9. Let your personal style let your personality shine through

It’s YOUR event, so it’s crucial to let your personal style shine through. If you opt to utilize the marquee, it’s more than just a structure. If you’d like to stick with the traditional wedding style, or you’re interested in getting away from the standard the choice is entirely your choice. If you decide to hire a marquee to host your celebration, you’ll can make whatever decision you wish to make the wedding that you have always imagined!

10. You are able to pick your closing time!

No one wants the party to be overly long and, in a reasonable way when it comes to a marquee wedding, you have the option of deciding the final time. Ensure that you have a good playlist set up to ensure everyone dances until midnight! Another plus is that there are no nagging rules or restrictions on noise. It is also possible to continue the celebrations by making use of the space on the following day to host a post-wedding party.