A Beginners Guide to Wiccan Magic

Magic does not belong to the one spiritual or even religious path. Certainly, you will find numerous different traditions of magic, from the recovery work of curanderos in Latin America on the hoodoo charms of the Appalachians to the Egyptian magical practice of Heka. These along with other traditions worldwide were handed down over the generations and continue to be a lot in practice now.

In the world of Wicca, magical traditions often be grounded within the centuries old methods of the folk healers of Europe along with the early Hermetic philosophies rediscovered during the Renaissance. But while you will find tried-and-true spells & strategies which were handed down over the decades, magic in Wicca is in no way a fixed art. Different approaches and new spells to magical manifestation develop all of the time, as those that are ready to perform and play around discover brand new methods of using the natural energies that constitute all of creation.

Types of Wiccan Magic

You will find numerous different magic types practiced by Wiccans, from divination to ritual ecstatic dance to energy clearings to much more hands on workings as charms and also dream pillows. Likewise, supplies and components used in sensational work is able to originate from nearly anywhere, from jewel encrusted wands and cast iron cauldrons to humble stones and scraps of ribbon. Every practitioner has the own design of theirs and personal preferences, as magic is ultimately an extremely individual art. Nevertheless, there are some kinds of Wiccan magic that remain really well known among beginning and experienced Witches alike:

Candle secret is a great starting place for anyone just starting to explore spellwork. Easy, straightforward and elegant, simple candle magick spells are able to enable you to make and also tone your magical muscles. Your magical request (also named the intention) is delivered through the place on the flame. As the candle burns, it disappears, leaving the material plane and also joining the ethereal one, carrying with it the idea of the intent. This bodily example of transformation is very helpful to starting magicians, who could make use of it to enable them to imagine the manifestation process.

Crystal secret is a delightful way to get familiar with several of Nature’s best and mystical creations. Though they could be classified as inorganic, crystals are nevertheless known by several healers and Witches being in existence, as they impart healing energy to folks, animals, as well as plant life. The energy of other mineral stones and crystals will be the same power inherent in some other natural phenomena, like the wind or maybe a flowing river. They’re conduits of power, and also since thought – or maybe intention – is energy, it could be used and also sent to the Universe through the energy field of the crystals we decide to work with.

Herbal magic can be quite practical – in fact, very much serotonin could be performed with ingredients you likely already have in the home of yours. Herbs are also likely the most flexible when it comes to hands on magic. You are able to use them to create your own personal magical crafts, like spell jars, poppets, dream pillows, sachets along with other charms. Some individuals love to produce their very own oils and incense with herbs, which provides a lot more miraculous energy to the job of theirs. Certainly, the research and patient practice of organic magic is able to prove to be most rewarding kind of the Craft a Witch is able to discover.

Other Magical Staples

While candles, herbal plants and crystals might be among most prominently featured ingredients in Wiccan magic and spellwork, these’re in no way the sole issues Wiccans hold in their magical tool boxes. You can find loads of other magical things to experiment with when you develop your magical practice:

Incense is an early ritual program which draws on the fragrant powers of herbs, resins, oils, spices, along with tree barks to make a sacred atmosphere along with a frame of mind favorable to communing with the spirit world. Along with burning up during traditional Wiccan ritual, it is usually used during spellwork, as the scented smoke is able to facilitate the most perfect state of mind for dealing good magic. Moreover, many herbs, spices, barks, and roots have certain magical attributes, that could be coupled with the intent behind the spellwork.

Magical oils are a staple part of magical exercise and ritual for several Wiccans, who employ them to anoint their ritual tools, crystals, amulets and talismans, as well as their very own systems. Essential oils are usually applied to the development of incense, and are especially great to be used in candle magic and charm making. Just about whatever you would like to do, magically speaking, could be improved using oils – whether you are making use of one fragrance or perhaps a combination of 3 or over.

Other divination and tarot cards tools (such as runes, crystal balls and also scrying mirrors) are usually a part of a Witch’s magical practice. Naturally, divination is a kind of magic in the own right of its, but Runes and tarot cards in particular may be integrated into spellwork too. For instance, the Moon card from a Tarot deck might be shown on the altar whenever a complete Moon spell is underway. A prosperity spell might involve the Queen or King of Pentacles, or maybe the always fortunate Sun card. Some individuals even love to consult the Tarot before developing a spell, getting clearer on the intentions of theirs and how better to set them throughout the spell itself.
The Wiccan Golden Rule

Fluid as Wiccan magical practices might be, nonetheless, there’s also the one primary rule to hold in your mind at all the times: Harm None. Taken from the Wiccan rede, this basic term reminds us being very careful to look at our intentions and/or motives when producing or perhaps selecting a spell.

Clearly we are not coming from an extremely spiritual place in case we are wishing to work magic which would bring results that are negative to another person, period. But harm none also is true for virtually any sort of manipulative magic, regardless of how well meaning we could be about it. What this means is we do not work magic with the aim of impacting the feelings or maybe behavior of anyone besides ourselves. We likewise do not work magic for others without the explicit permission of theirs, as well as we never ever attempt to resolve for others what the best interests of theirs are.