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Will Life Insurance Pay Out for an Alcohol-Related Death?

Does the life insurance company decline your claim due to the fact that the insured consumed alcohol? The short answer is yes. claimants for benefits to the deceased are often rejected unfairly when alcohol is involved.

Did you claim death benefits denied due to the fact that the insured consumed alcohol? Did the insured’s death result from the effects of alcohol use? Did the insured drink at the time of their death, however their death did not have anything to do with alcohol? be related to alcohol consumption or abuse?

In many instances, when life insurance companies refused to pay claims of beneficiaries due to drinking habits, we can assist you in getting your claim paid through contesting the claim rejection.

What are the reasons why Insurance Companies frequently deny Life Insurance Claims Due to Alcohol Consumption.

Insurance companies earn profit for their shareholders when they refuse the claims of life insurance. This is why they’ll look for every excuse, no matter how unlikely they may be, to reject your claim in the first place.

Does Alcohol Affect Life Insurance?

Alcohol consumption may impact the amount of life insurance that is paid or whether the person applying for insurance will receive coverage.

If an insured declares when they first apply in life insurance they consume alcohol, the adjuster will take this into consideration when drafting the policy. Life insurance companies usually justify their denials of claims for life insurance with the argument that alcohol consumption may affect the amount of the premiums that an insured pays and could lead to the denial of their application.

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Can Life Insurance Pay Out for an alcohol-related death?

In some instances life insurance may pay out following the passing of an insured that suffered from alcoholism. If the deceased insured was killed by reasons that were not directly related to alcohol abuse or use it’s often legal for an attorney have the life insurance claim settled.

What are the possible reasons for a Denial of a Death Claim based on Alcohol?

Here are some types of deaths that are that aren’t insured by life insurance if alcohol is in the mix:

The policy has an alcohol Exclusion for Intoxication

A number of life insurance companies have the right to add an exclusion clause to policies that prevent deaths that are directly or indirectly resulting from drinking alcohol from the coverage. If the insured is under the influence of alcohol and dies due to any reason the insurance company can refuse to pay your claim due to this exclusion.

Incorrect information on the Initial Application as well as the Medical Questionnaire

If the insured fails to the mention of alcohol usage or fails to reveal any alcohol-related issues or death that the insured was at all related to alcohol consumption The insurer may decline the life insurance claim of death benefits due to fraud on the part of the insured.

Sometimes, we can settle these claims by settling for an amount equal to the value of death benefits, less the amount that the insurance company would’ve paid had the underwriter been aware that the insured had consumed alcohol.

The insured died during the Contestability Period

When the policyholder dies inside the two years of buying the policy The insurer will look every reason to reject the claim for life insurance, regardless of whether the reason is no connection with the reason of death.

For instance If the insured was unable to declare that they had consumed alcohol at a party, and later dies from something that has no connection alcohol consumption like mesothelioma The insurer could claim that the insured did not disclose his identity and reject the claim for life insurance.

We’re often able to have this type of claim paid particularly when the death is not related to alcohol consumption or abuse.

The insured died while doing Something illegal

If the insured was killed in the course of doing something illegal, such as drinking and driving, the insurance company will decline the life insurance claim of the prohibition on illegal acts. If the insured enjoyed several drinks at a dinner celebration, but then slipped into the yard of a neighbor on their way home, and is struck by a fallen branch and killed, the insurance company could make use of the few drinks consumed to refuse the life insurance claim.