How to use an over-the-counter head lice treatment

Allow me to share basic guidelines for using a pyrethrin based lice treatment or a permethrin based lice treatment. You are able to purchase these over-the-counter at the majority of drugstores.

The therapy might be in the type of a cream rinse, a mousse, Hedrin All in One Shampoo, or maybe another thing. These lice killing medicines may also be called peliculicides.

After you have chosen a product, purchase enough for everybody in the family of yours who needs treatment. If the hair you are treating is more than shoulder length, you may need over one bottle to complete the very first application. Look at the labeling to determine just how much you need.
How you can use lice cream rinse or any other OTC product

Stick to the instructions on the label very carefully. You might have to shake before using and follow other certain guidelines.

Look at the ingredients to see if the active ingredients include pyrethrin or maybe permethrin and piperonyl butoxide.

Apply permethrin based lice treatments to hair that is wet. Prior to using, shampoo locks with a nonconditioning shampoo as well as towel dry looking, so hair style remains moist, but not dripping. Do not make use of some type of typical cream rinse or conditioner in advance. It is able to lower the usefulness of the treatment

Apply pyrethrin and also piperonyl butoxide based items (usually called “shampoo”) to dry out hair.


Wrap an old bath towel around your child’s shoulders, and have your kid use something you do not care about being wet or even stained.
Have your kid hold a towel over the face of his to keep the shampoo from the eyes of his.
Put on rubber gloves when using it in case you’ve wide open scratches or cuts on your hands Massage the item into the locks from the origins on the ends until most hair and the scalp is completely saturated. Pay attention to the hairline on the rear of the neck and behind the ears. You might see lice falling from the hair throughout the therapy.
Leave both kinds of medicine on for 10 minutes. (Start the clock after you have finished using the medication on the whole head.)
Promptly rinse or even wash hair, based on the directions for that specific item.

Cautions for using of over-the-counter lice killing treatments:

Do not make use of some lice treatment more frequently than the directions recommend.
Do not use various lice medications at the identical time.
Do not wrap something close to your child’s head (such as a bath towel or maybe a plastic bag) as the merchandise is in the hair style of his.
Never ever utilize lice medication on eyelashes, eyebrows, and anywhere close to the eyes.
Do not make use of the medicine on epidermis with open scratches or cuts.
Do not use on kids under two months old.
In case you are expecting, breastfeeding, or maybe sensitive to ragweed or even chrysanthemums, question the physician of yours prior to making use of these items.

Post-treatment comb-out

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) states comb outs are not needed, though lots of parents can do one anyhow. In reality, the lice-killing product you make use of may include a plastic-made lice comb. Experienced nit pickers consider those combs ineffectual and suggest purchasing a very good metal lice comb.

If you would like combing your child’s locks after a lice treatment, determine the manual of ours to combing out head lice. It is okay to make use of conditioner for the comb out if that appears to help.

Change the clothes of yours as well as your child’s garments after the comb out and place the existing clothes in the wash Just how can I tell whether the lice remedy worked?

It typically takes some time for the lice prescription medication to do the work of its. To find out what is happening, you are able to try doing a comprehensive comb-out eight to twelve hours after the very first treatment. In case several live lice are left though they appear to be moving slower, the therapy is most likely working.

The lice treatment is thought to kill seventy to eighty % of the nits, though it will not remove them. They might come out with a good comb-out, however.

If the lice seem equally productive as before, consult the doctor of yours. In case you applied the treatment properly and it has had absolutely no effect by the following day, the lice might be reluctant to the item you used. A physician is able to help decide whether you utilized it properly and whether you need to try a second application.

If the very first therapy does appear to impede the infestation, carry on and brush out the hair each day or 2. The directions for many products suggest using the drugs once more aproximatelly 10 times after the very first program, though the American Academy of Pediatricians states that 9 times will be the optimum time for the repeat program.