Guide to Health Insurance in Thailand

You’re taking into consideration expat wellness insurance in Thailand. You’ve chosen it may be a smart choice and you’re interested concerning your options, particularly taking into consideration the variety of insurance firms around. Whether you’re a beginner to Thailand and also looking to get guaranteed, or have been staying in Thailand for a years and also had a plan the whole time, there might be some aspects of the insurance coverage system that you’re unaware of.

Plain and also easy, the plan you choose today, or in the coming months, might have a major effect on your life 10 years from currently. For instance, if you select a strategy without a lifetime revival warranty, your supplier might drop your plan and you might shed the capability to obtain coverage from any type of carrier in the insurance market– throughout Thailand. Nonetheless, if you select the ideal plan, you can get exceptional insurance coverage, equal to the most effective medical coverage in your house country.

To assist you navigate this minefield, we’ve developed this guide to stroll you through whatever you need to recognize regarding choosing the right medical insurance policy in Thailand– from recognizing the benefits and drawbacks of various plans, to the inquiries you ought to ask regarding global protection. Shall we start?
Kinds of Insurance Coverage
Personal vs Employee Health Insurance in Thailand

What coverage is best for you?

There are two common ways you can get protection: through an individual policy or a plan via your company. As you’ll soon see, there are advantages and disadvantages to both alternatives, which differ depending upon your personal conditions. Let’s compare the various kinds of global medical insurance plans …
Personal Health Insurance Thailand: The Good and Bad

Similar to in your home country, if you pick to buy personal health and wellness insurance policy in Thailand, you obtain one significant advantage: you have full control of what sort of protection you get. Nonetheless, that’s not the only benefit of individual medical insurance. If you get your very own policy, you never ever have to stress over losing insurance coverage since you leave your work. What’s more, you’ll have the selection to include a life time revival guarantee, which ensures you can constantly renew your policy.

Just how does a lifetime revival guarantee secure you? In Thailand, numerous medical insurance plan deserve to reject to renew your plan or omit conditions that developed while you were under their coverage. For instance, if you are detected with cancer cells, some insurance plan might drop your cover for the disease when your policy renews.

What regarding the drawbacks of exclusive health and wellness insurance policy for expats? The only disadvantage is that you have to spend for it out of your very own pocket.

No risk of shedding coverage– when leaving a job, you’ll have comfort that vital health problems and also mishaps will remain to be covered if something occurs to you. If throughout your employment you contract a brand-new medical problem or have a crash, this will be considered as a ‘pre-existing problem’ when you leave your work and also re-apply for insurance coverage. If you contract something serious, after that it is probably not also possible to get one more insurance coverage in any way as insurance provider won’t approve individuals with specific problems (for instance, cancer).
Selection of renewability– you have the selection of selecting plans that guarantee renewability up to a certain age, or even life time renewability. However, numerous individual insurance strategies by some firms do not offer renewability, so it’s encouraged to ask thoroughly to ensure your policy can be renewed.
Customisation of your plan– you select the ideal coverage to match your needs and/or your household’s demands, maybe you desire to add pregnancy care or dental. The insurance coverage used by companies can in some cases be poor for your distinct situations. Picking your own strategy will certainly assist ensure that you are completely safeguarded where & how you need to be.


Time invested looking into alternatives– you require to do your own in-depth research to locate the appropriate protection for your demands.
Extra paperwork– you’ll need to complete the application forms for your plan.
Cost– you pay for a private strategy out of your own pocket.

Employee Health Insurance in Thailand: the Good and Bad

If you’ve ever before had group health and wellness insurance policy covered by an employer, you know there are some evident advantages and also downsides. On the adverse side, an employee does not usually have the choice to customise the plan according to his or her private needs.

What concerning the not-so-obvious advantages to staff member wellness insurance coverage in Thailand? If the company you help is large enough, you might be covered for pre-existing problems. This is a major benefit to those who have persistent diseases or illness.

If you get an individual plan out of your own pocket, adding OPD coverage can double your monthly premium. While it is real that service health and wellness insurance policy used by your company can save you cash on outpatient care, the levels of OPD (and inpatient care (IPD) as well) are commonly so reduced that it might not be much of an advantage. Will it be enough to cover your insurance coverage requires?

Paid by the employer– your firm covers part or all of your costs.
Pre-existing problem cover– depending upon the dimension of your firm and also policy, you might be covered for your pre-existing conditions.
Typically ample for regular healthcare– such as outpatient sees for seasonal flus; and some policies might even supply dental treatment.


Prospective loss of protection– you may not be able to get another exclusive insurance coverage when you leave if you acquire a significant problem during your work– as this problem will certainly be thought about a ‘pre-existing condition’, which if serious sufficient will certainly be declined by most companies.
Advancement of new pre-existing problems– problems established throughout your employment, even small ones, will be considered ‘pre-existing’ so they can be omitted from protection when you request one more insurance coverage.
Non-customisable for individual requirements– the insurance coverage may not be adequate for the needs of you as well as your family. You require to take into consideration if the restrictions are high sufficient to cover hospital stays, medical emergencies, mishaps and also various other severe diseases. You need to also consider whether the protection will certainly be available at the places where you want to have treatment. As an example, if you’re a deportee as well as wish to have therapy in your house nation. Or if you’re Thai, you may like clinical therapies abroad, such as in Singapore. You might likewise want to cover your family members and children on your medical insurance plan and also fringe benefit might not reach this.