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What Is MetaTrader 4?

As the gold standard for the trading platforms MetaTrader 4 provides a free platform to trade forex as well as other financial instruments, such as CFDs as well as futures, indices and commodities, as well as cryptocurrencies. MetaTrader4 is available to retail traders via specific brokers, who have individually licensed the platform.

According to the developer, MetaQuotes Software, the platform is offered by more than 700 banks and brokers, and supports thousands of users. Read the MetaTrader 4 overview to understand what the platform does and decide whether you’d like to consider in the near future.

MetaTrader4 offers something for anyone who is willing to trade. Find out what it has to offer to help novice and experienced traders. Yes you can use an Meta 4 demo would be beneficial, but you must to be aware of what MetaTrader could offer you.

MetaTrader 4, with its easy-to-use design, user interface, and features like Expert Advisors and copy trading is a great choice for an aspiring trader.

As most brokers offer it as a standalone platform or an add-on using their own platform, you’ll have access to an extensive tools for learning and tutorials. The fully functional MetaTrader 4 Demo account provides solid support for those who are new to the market. Think of it as an MetaTrader 4 user guide that lets you try out the software before investing.
Advanced traders

The platform also attracts experienced traders because of its sophisticated charting capabilities, technical analysis, as well as a range of indicators built-in, graphical tools, among others. The platform also permits automated trading through programming using MetaQuote’s own MQL4 language as well as developing custom indicators.

MetaTrader provides desktop, mobile and web platforms. The platforms are compatible with more than 30 languages which include English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Russian. The desktop platform allows you to analyze financial markets, conducts advanced trading operations, manages trading robots, and also does copy trading.

The Meta Forex broker offers options once they are on the platform, either on the MT4 desktop or mobile. The client terminal of the platform permits three different ways to execute trades:

Instant execution
Execution upon request
Execution through the market

Orders made through MetaTrader 4 can be a market order that is executed at the current market rate or a pending one that is a promise to purchase and sell securities for an unspecified price in the near future.

A pending order on an MT4 broker could be a stop, limit or stop-loss. The trading functions of the platform are quick and allows you to send orders directly from the chart in just one click. Another function, referred to as built-in tick, assists to determine the entry or exit point. The movement of prices can be studied using nine different timeframes. The charting software on the platform has 30 built-in indicators of technicality along with 24 graphs.

MetaTrader 4 Platform also provides security. It is in compliance with the most stringent security standards. Your account for trading is secured through the encryption of information transferred between the client terminal and the server of the platform and by the use for RSA electronic signatures. The platform on the web lets you trade with any operating system and browser. It offers every trading order, 4 execution modes , and one-click trading. The chart is updated with live quotes.

MetaTrader 4’s mobile platform provides total control over your trading account. you are able to access your account from anywhere and at any time. The chat feature is free and allows you to connect to other trader. MetaTrader 4 provides an automated trading function using automated trading robots known as Expert Advisors (EAs). EAs can analyse quotes and make trades.

The EAs or robots can be downloaded at no cost from Code Base, which is an open source library that contains codes for free EAs as well as technical indicators and scripts. They can also be bought or rented through the Market Store, which is an online shop. It is also possible to purchase EAs from experienced MetaTrader free-lance developers.

TradingSignals on MetaTrader 4 allows copy trading of traders who are successful, and make their trades available to public access at no cost or for reasonable fees, thus being signal suppliers. The signals, both commercial and free, can be accessible within the Signals tab on the trading platform, as well as on the website of the company. You can choose the signal provider you want to use and begin copying trades, without leaving the platform.

The alert tool on the platform allows you to create an alert in response to certain trading conditions, such as the price that is greater than the specific bid and ask prices. If the event is triggered the alert tool will notify you.

The platform is not able to offer the services of third party research providers. The tools and alerts for financial markets of the platform supply traders with the most recent market news, information from large financial institutions, as well as interest rate announcements and geopolitical events.

To transmit news and quotes you must launch an easy plugin, which is a gateway to connect the platform to news and quotes. The platform has already developed feeds for the major news and quote sources like IB Times, Trading Central, Dow Jones, Claws and Horns, MNI, Bloomberg, Reuters, Alliance News, FXStreet and Trading Central. You can make your own feed by using MetaTrader 4 API. MetaTrader 4 API.

Are MetaTrader 4 free?

Yes. MetaTrader 4 is available for download on the site. The first day of launch you will be asked to create a free demo account in order to try out all the aspects that the platform offers in its trading.

If you are able to access the platform via an intermediary, it could provide MetaTrader 4 at no cost to its clients , or extend its coverage to allow the account that is or the MetaTrader 4 standard account or MetaTrader 4 Pro account. The brokerage charges an initial fee of $100,000 to get a full license, and also charges an additional sum of approximately $15,000 per month to host bridge, hiring, 24/24 assistance and various other services.

Even if all you want is to view an MetaTrader 4 demo, you should ensure you have the power to make use of the platform. It is necessary to meet the minimum requirements for computing for MetaTrader on Windows This includes:

OS – Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/10
Processor – One that can support SSE2 instruction sets

The other hardware is dependent on terminal usage and the load generated by running MQL4 applications, and the amount of charts and instruments. MetaQuotes does not have an alternative version of their platform for Linux or Mac OS. However, in order to download MetaTrader 4 on the Linux version, you must have Ubuntu OS and Wine. Ubuntu OS and Wine, which is an installation program for the Windows software.

To install for the MetaTrader 4 Mac demo on Mac OS, a special software installer named PlayOnMac is required. It can be downloaded for no cost. Wine and PlayOnMac cannot guarantee the flawlessness of installed programs. They may contain bugs from time to time. If you wish to run MetaTrader 4 on a tablet or smartphone that runs Android OS, Android 4.0 or higher is required. If you are using those using an Apple phone, iOS 7.0 or a higher version is necessary.

MetaTrader 4’s website includes a page dedicated to assistance subjects, and provides information about various topics such as starting out, the setting up the terminal on the client, setting up the user interface using charts trading analytics tools, auto trading and articles, as well as signals and market information as well as virtual hosting.

To buy the software, brokers are able to contact MetaQuote’s offices located within Cyprus, China, Singapore, Australia, Turkey, UAE, Pakistan and Thailand. Support is also offered by brokerages offering the platform.

Once you’ve downloaded the platform it will be up and running within a matter of minutes. The interface for users is user-friendly and easy to use despite its sophisticated features. The ability to place of orders directly from charts guarantees speedy execution and lets you make the most of profit-making opportunities.

When you trade massive amounts of money, it’s natural to would like to ensure that your finances as well as personal data are secure and safe. Hacking and cyber attacks are two of the most significant risks relating to trading in forex.

MetaTrader 4 is secure. It secures all data between the trader and server, and hides your IP address as you invest and trade via the platform.

Yes. Since MetaTrader 4 has a massive amount of coverage and its broker partners are overseen by a broad range of agencies around the globe. If you sign up for an account with a Meta 4 trading demo account is secure and using a platform that is backed by the top forex brokers.

Because MetaTrader 4 is the most popular platform used by brokers, you won’t have to learn how the trades of a different trading platform. The analytical tools provided by MetaTrader 4 are superior to none. The copy trading feature lets beginners benefit from the knowledge of professional traders with experience with no burning fingers. The platform also allows automated trading through either purchasing or creating the own EAs.

MetaQuotes has been trying to make popular MetaTrader 5, so it’s likely that this licensor will not provide technical updates or help. But, if making use of MetaTrader 4 from an established broker, you’ll likely enjoy full access to the platform.