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Reasons To Consider Online Fundraising

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In today’s world of non-profit organizations, there is numerous options on ways to raise money. Although traditional and “offline” methods are essential, the advent of online platforms for fundraising has opened an entire new set of fundraising options! We’ve compiled a list of the major benefits why we believe making use of platforms that are online is the best way ahead. These are our top four advantages outlined specifically for you:

Extended Reach:

Online fundraising can help you overcome the geographical boundaries. It is possible to use your email address and other social media platforms to help let the word out about your event in order to reach new donors, gain new supporters, or to generate excitement or a friendly contest between participants. Online fundraising typically yields greater results over traditional fundraising methods.

A Personalized Account

One of the main benefits of fundraising online is the opportunity to be the voice of the organization in your social circles. When you add pictures of personal stories, messages, and personal stories to your online profile and making an appeal to your own personal that builds an opportunity to communicate with your target audience. This is crucial when it is from an event participant, volunteer or a donor, as it gives an objective perspective of our work and what we do as an organisation.

Cost effective collection

The preparation of an event can be costly considering the costs of printing and manpower associated with the creation and distribution of offline materials for donation, like pledge books, and the costs for staff time that must be incurred for recording and recounting pledges both during and following the event. Online pledges are practical and affordable, and cost effective in terms of both out-of-pocket costs and in time.

Ease & Convenience

There is no longer a time when you were required to go door-to-door collecting pledges, and then keep them safe until the time of your event. By signing up online , you reduce the risk related to collecting large amounts of money. You will be able to easily monitor the amount of money pledged for you from your donor. Additionally, you can track any donations you receive.

If you have an account for fundraising online, you will be able to easily track your personal goals and team goals and progress on your personal page. You’ll be assured that your donors will receive the tax receipt and thank you note to thank them for their help since these are automatically generated after the donation is received. You are also able to alter your objectives or message and immediately update your entire group of donors about your developments or team’s announcements. It’s a simple and effective way to raise money that will reduce anxiety, stress and time commitment, allowing you to concentrate on the things that matter most.

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