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Pocketing Food Strategies and Causes in Kids

What’s Pocketing Food Exactly?

Pocketing food happens when a kid holds onto foods in their jaws without swallowing it. Nearly all children are going to hold it in the cheeks of theirs or even tucked behind and in front of the gums of theirs! In either case, it is like they are sticking the meals of theirs in a bit of pocket.

Exactly why Do Even, Toddlers, and Children Babies Pocket Food?

Kids tend to pocket meal in the mouths of theirs for a number of different factors, and quite often, there is more than one! Let us check out the most common reasons for pocketing food in babies and toddlers:

  1. Sensory Processing – Kids will occasionally get a meal in the mouth of theirs, recognize they do not like the consistency of it, and rather than spitting it out, they simply hold onto it.

In any other situations, a number of kids cannot feel where food is well. It is a thing we simply take as a given as adults, however, if a child’s oral sensory feelings are not sending the proper signals to the mind, it could be like they cannot get the foods. They might not even recognize it is there! At exactly the same time, because they cannot feel the meals properly in the mouth of theirs, they might put far too much in because that boosts the sensations, however the food is simply too much to deal with.

Although any kid is able to face this particular challenge, mouth stuffing is pretty typical in Sensory Processing Disorder and autism.

Nevertheless, some children pocket food since they love the way in which it can feel. While this might seem stranger yet, it too involves what signals the brain is getting. The pocket of foods is putting pressure on the tongue of theirs, cheek, or maybe gums and it can be soothing. Very much the way many people like how a hat feels on the mind of theirs or maybe compression gear.

  1. Oral Motor Skills – In comparison to sensory issues, oral motor skills have everything to do with the power & control of the muscles inside the mouth of ours. Which means that, the way our tongues go to assist with swallowing and chewing, along with always keeping our mouth closed to have the ability to munch on with no food falling out!

Point being, if a kid has several weakness with the dental motor skills of theirs, the meals might become caught in the mouth of theirs and so they cannot get the food that is caught in a pocket of the mouth.

  1. Uncomfortable or painful Swallowing – As a coping mechanism, some children can hold onto food since it hurts to swallow. This may start due to a typical sore throat, persistent reflux, or maybe swollen tonsils/adenoids, to name just a couple of factors.

In certain circumstances, the anxiety about swallowing turns into a habit, or perhaps a learned behavior, and children require assistance moving past that emotional block.

How You are able to Help Your Kid Stop Pocketing Food!

As a parent, there are a few easy steps you are able to get to assist your kid swallow that food they are keeping onto:

Small Bites – If you are feeding young toddler or a baby, only give them a couple of pieces of food at a moment so that it is not hard to manage. For older children, definitely attempt to have the serving size small, and possibly cut food into smaller parts or even help them to do it. The much less food they’ve to munch on and swallow will reduce steadily the possibility it gets pocketed.

Have a Drink – A strong program is teaching the kid of yours to have a sip of warm water the minute they appear to be not chewing or after a couple of seconds. According to the age of theirs, you are able to see them that enrolling in a drink can help obtain the food down to the belly of theirs.

Show for them!

Wide open Cup – Using an open cup, in case they are capable, helps you to flood the mouth with fluid and take the pocked food down the throat better compared to a straw or maybe sippy cup. A number of children are ready to effortlessly record drinks and keep their pocketed food, in that case, you will have another guideline.

Walk them through it – Before your kid requires a drink, pocket a little foods in the mouth of yours, in a comparable area to wherever they are positioning the food. Step by step, let them know exactly how you are experiencing the meals out of the mouth of yours. That may seem something this way, inform the kid of yours, “Move your tongue over on the nourishment and harvest it out there like a shovel. Today, put it in addition to the tongue of yours. Have a drink and also swallow the food down with your water.”