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How to stay connected during lockdown

Maybe one of the hardest features of lockdown for most of us is not being able to see our close friends or family members. This can take a genuine toll on our mental health and wellness, so it’s vital that we try to remain connected even if we can’t physically see people. We asked our blog owners what their ideas are for staying connected during lockdown– below’s what they said.
Video calls

Though this is a pretty obvious one, for older family members who might struggle to understand modern technology, this is an excellent way for them to be able to interact – especially senior loved ones that might be isolated alone. It allows you to talk in person which can really feel extra natural. Do not fail to remember: your liked ones possibly wish to see your faces too!

– Honor, 18

My buddies and I commonly video-call during the day. Given that our educators have given us on the internet work, we choose to facetime as well as do all of our interact, assisting each various other out.

We likewise make use of video contacts us to chat regarding what we’re doing and keep each other business. One night, a number of weeks back, I was FaceTiming two of my friends and one of them place on songs and all three people had a sing-along like we made use of to do whenever we were with each other in reality.

– Kaitlyn, 15

A little message, just a “Keep risk-free,” or a “Hello, wish you are well,” truly does go a long way.

Doing activities together online

I’ve started doing a regular test with my pals over Zoom– this aids to improve my state of mind, keep me distracted and also stay linked. It’s simply an hour a week however it is something to look onward to in such hard times.

Just how around watching Netflix with somebody – not with each other in person however together by display? All you require is one of these systems to make a real-time call. You after that simply prepare with each other using video, complying with the exact same actions, and you can appreciate your dish with someone!

– Rebecca, 20

Something that has functioned for me as well as my good friends is playing games online. This has permitted us to do enjoyable tasks with each other while additionally remaining risk-free. It’s a helpful means to escape from what’s taking place and take your mind off of things even if it’s simply for a couple of hours.

– Honor
Social media site

Social media site is a controversial one, as of training course several individuals claim being exposed to negativeness on social media sites systems can hurt our mental health, self-esteem and also confidence. Nevertheless, in the existing circumstance, I have actually personally found social networks to be surprisingly beneficial. When having a ‘down’ moment, getting my phone as well as scrolling via Twitter or Instagram, seeing a meme or a funny joke about what individuals are rising to while stuck at house – it assists pass time, stay distracted as well as have a little giggle.

It is likewise a wonderful means to stay upgraded on what individuals you care about are doing! I believe right now social media can produce a sense of community– seeing everybody tweet with their tales, share their assistance, share kind messages … It brings us all with each other!

– Rebecca

This one is completely up to you. I appreciate talking to my pals over social media as it provides easy communication that you can reply to in your own time.

It does not need to be all long discussions!

Most of us own smart devices, so why not put them to good usage? Send out a little message to your friend, family participant, neighbor … Whoever you wish! A little message, just a “Keep secure,” or a “Hello, hope you are well,” actually does go a lengthy method. It stresses that someone is considering you. Particularly on a hard day, this is really needed – it makes you feel liked, valued and satisfied. I commonly call as well as look at my grandparents. Just an easy ten-minute discussion and you can listen to the happiness in their voice!

– Rebecca

We should try to lift each other up right now to make sure that we all make it through this together – which we will.

Celebrating delighted celebrations

Birthdays … This is a time when families/friends all join and also commemorate. Do not let the virus be an obstacle! It is so straightforward to connect the friends and family with each other to commemorate. You can produce a video-call team conversation, funny happy birthday videos to send as well as sing ‘Happy Birthday’ over the phone!

– Rebecca

I love video-calling my entire family – it’s so fun. For example, it was my cousin’s birthday this past weekend and also all of us video-called him and also sung delighted birthday. It was truly excellent to be able to do that because we have struggled in the past to celebrate birthday celebrations with each other as several of my family members live abroad.

– Kaitlyn
If you want time to on your own, that’s great as well

With everything that is presently taking place, it really feels that there is a higher demand to continuously speak to your loved ones, which can come to be laborious. Connect in your very own time as inadequate communication is likely to cause more tension. Dealing with more than one difficulty at once can be overwhelming, so take a deep breath and do points on your terms if you require to.

– Honor

Something that has actually benefited me and also my good friends is playing games online. This has allowed us to do fun activities together while likewise remaining risk-free.