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Why Do People Still Bet In High-Street Bookies?

The traditional betting shop is the heart of gambling in UK since it was legalised in the 1960’s and without them, the online betting world would not have the status it has now. The bookies weren’t just a place to bet, they were places to hang out with acquaintances and to be a social gathering point. If you were looking to place bets (legally) in the bookie on the main street was the best place to go.

The story of the High Street Betting Shop

The first high-street betting stores opened their doors in 1961. This was after Harold Macmillan passed a law to allow betting shops to operate to combat the many gambling gangs operating illegally in the country.

The industry exploded with 10,000 establishments within the first six months and the market was booming in a short period of time. At the height, about 16,000 high street betting shops could be seen across the UK however, the advent to online gambling has led that number fall to nearly half and is continuing to decline.

The bookmakers of the high streets may be in decline, it’s not a fair reflection on the gambling industry as a whole. In 2009 the UK economy entered a recession with a number of high street bookshops closing, and town centre’s on the verge of becoming ghost towns. Whilst this certainly had an adverse effect on the high street bookmaker and bookshops, it also meant that in a roundabout manner it provided them with a break. To help revive high street shopping, the government allowed bookmakers to take up residence in buildings that were not used for up to 2 years, without having to obtain planning permission. While this is a temporary fix is a good idea, it opens the possibility for the high bookmaker to return to the high streets of Britain.

High Street Bookmaker Distribution and Density

It’s probably no surprise to learn that there’s a connection between bookshops’ locations and areas that have very low employment rates, high benefits , and a small income base. Bookmakers near me target these places because they know that they are going to attract a higher volume of customers to their shops.

Evidencing this, the whole part of Tyneside includes more booksellers per square meter than the entirety of London as well as a large portion of its boroughs around it, and a main street in Newham is home to the largest number of bookshops on one street in the UK – 18. In cities and other wealthy areas, bookmakers tend to be scarcer.

Can High Street Bookies Still Have A Place in Modern Day Betting?

These numbers certainly suggest not. The decline in high street bookmakers by nearly 50 percent since their peak and an economy that is slowing to show signs of improvement in the near future certainly do not aid the cause. The rise of online gambling sites is likely to be yet another nail to the coffin.

It’s not all doom and gloom for the punter, but online betting sites are easy to access since you can bet from anywhere in the world with the click of an electronic button. It also means that bookmakers save money since they do not have to cover the cost of maintaining numerous shops. This can theoretically flow to their betting websites in which they will be able to offer better odds as well as better betting specials, which again will benefit the gamblers.

In conclusion, it isn’t looking good for big-name book publishers. This is a market – just one of many experiencing major adjustments. On the flip side, though, betting in general is likely to experience its biggest increase since the advent of betting shops, and is about to begin the next phase of development of bookmaking as we have it today.

Why, then, do People Still Bet In High-Street Bookies?

We all remember those days when the sole option to place a bet other than at the racecourse, was the local high-street bookshops. With the advent of online betting, lots of punters prefer to bet from home, or even when they’re out and about due to the mobile-friendly technology which raises the question of why people continues to bet on bookmakers from the high streets?

You can hide your bets from your Spouse

There’s no denying the fact that many couples don’t want their spouses to bet, which is why they force that type of bettor into the bookies on the high street, where they’re usually left out of better odds or delicious concessions offered by bookies to customers who are online. If that’s the reason you’re betting on the high street, you might want to consider following the tips of one or more of the very successful Betting Gods’ Tipsters since it will put money in your bank over the long-term – and the smile in your wife’s eyes.

Friendly Banter

If you’re one among those people who would rather go to the local pub for a drink and a conversation with your friends instead of staying at home and drinking or in book shops might have the same sort of appeal. Although online betting provides many more possibilities, having a betting session in the bookies is an excellent method of bonding with your mates, especially when there’s a bar nearby, too.

Pricing Early for Early Purchases

Sometimes, a trip to the bookies is worth it, as it’s often easier to find an early rate at some of the big high-street bookies. William Hill are often the most generous of them and will often keep the cost of a horse for a predetermined amount of time in order for bookies to let customers get on. There are some limitations that may be in place however there’s no stopping placing a bet on your favorite horse online or at bookies.

Accounts Shut

If you ask professional punters about their betting habits in the bookies of the high street and bookies, the most frequently heard answer will be that they’ve experienced an account taken down for being too successful, however they desire to secure the highest odds possible as well as no effort is too much for the professional punter!

Spreading the Load

No matter if you’re a successful gambler on your own, or you’re a winner thanks to one or more or more Betting Gods tipsters, it’s often a great idea to divide your bets among bookies. Putting smaller bets on in a greater number of bookies can mean your wins is often not noticed, and will reduce the chance of having limits placed on your account, or even having them closed altogether – and high street bookies are always worth considering for this type of strategy.