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What is a Level 5 TEFL certificate?

There are many reasons to take an TEFL Level 5 Course, the primary one is that you’d like to instruct English on the internet or in other countries. But, how does the Level 5 Courses differ from the Level 3 Course? Continue to read more to discover…

What is the Level 5 TEFL certification?

The Level 5 180-hour TEFL course is ideal for those looking to get an outstanding TEFL job. The course is overseen in the hands of the UK government and, therefore, is subject to strict external oversight an amazing process! The students who earn the Level 5 TEFL certification typically find lucrative job opportunities in TEFL both online and in foreign countries because the certification is highly regarded by employers from around the world.

What is it?

The Level 5 180-hour Certificate of TEFL contains the following:

Online training 100% available
180 hours of TEFL teaching
Study guide for free
CELTA equivalent
Teaching Young Learners

What is the definition of a Level 5 Diploma?

A Level 5 Certificate in Teaching English grants students access to the most popular TEFL jobs! If you choose to teach English on the internet or in another country you’ll be highly sought-after to employers of TEFL. A Level 5 TEFL diploma gives the opportunity to work in a wide variety of TEFL jobs beginning with teaching younger learners up into teaching professional English.

The course will take between 8 and 16 weeks to complete, and it has a the highest success rate of 99 percent – amazing!
What exactly is it?

The Level 5300 Hour TEFL Diploma comprises the following:

Online training 100% available
30 hours of teaching TEFL teaching
Study guide for free
CELTA equivalent
Teaching Young Learners
60 hours Teaching English Online
60-hour teaching Business English

What is what is a Level 3 Certificate?

The Level 3 120-hour TEF certificate is a fantastic choice for those seeking to be a teacher, travel and explore! Students who complete this course are more likely to work as volunteers or in less-paid teaching positions.

What exactly is it?

The Level 3 120-hour Certificate in TEFL includes the following:

Online training 100% available
120 hours of TEFL basic studying
Ideal for jobs with low pay as well as volunteering

What’s the difference between Level 5 TEF Course and CELTA? CELTA?

Let’s start by introducing the basic information:

TeFL = Teaching English as an Foreign Language
CELTA (certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults

CELTA will be more rigorous and costly qualification than TEFL. Most CELTA classes require that you take the course full-time for a month. It will mean six hours of work as well as a lot of homework which includes planning lessons for your practicum as well as four writing assignments. However, Level 5 TEFL offers you the chance to work within your own schedule.

If you are employed and are in school or have other commitments , you can take this online Level 5 course at your own convenience in your preferred pace. In addition that a Level 5 TEFL can be much more affordable. an absolute winner!

The advantages of a Level 5 Certificate of TEFL or Diploma

There are many benefits to taking an TEFL Level 5 course however, these are the top five!

Lifelong value – after you’ve completed a Level 5 TEFL training course, your certificate will be good for life!
Passport to the globe – Level 5 TEFL certification is accepted all over the world. It is possible to get an employment in the most sought-after TEF locations by obtaining an Degree or Certificate at Level 5., Think of Japan, the UAE, Japan, and Europe.
Higher paying jobs online and around the world – do we really need to need to say more?
Increased job opportunities Level 5 TEFL Courses provide many opportunities! With an Level 5 certification being more sought-after than a Level 3 certificate, you’ll be spoiled with options for which areas you’ll be able to do your work.
You can train children, adults as well as Business English – get in!

The most important thing is the bottom line

The right course for you is based on what you hope to gain from your certificate. If you are looking to be able to teach English abroad on your own, employ it to pay for your travels or earn an extra source of income The Level 3 TEFL program should suffice for you!

If you’re trying to secure an exemplary TEFL job on the internet or in other countries the Level 5 certificate in TEFL is the best choice!

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