The benefits of drama and play

  1. Drama builds confidence
    Even the shyest of kids take only a few weeks to gently increase their confidence and before long they’re sure to draw an active and full part in sessions. A number of months is all it takes.
  2. Drama helps concentration
    In each and every session, kids are encouraged in order to pay attention to each other’s thoughts and ideas and also to take turns. These activities enable kids to understand the importance of concentration; a skill that’s essential within the world outside the house of theirs.
  3. Drama helps develop communication and vocabulary skills
    Learning songs that are new, playing brand new activities and also taking part in play that is pretend (when kids should undertake the language of the job they’re playing), all promote a child’s developing vocabulary. They’re urged to express themselves both verbally and through face expression and also body language; the secret to making them much better communicators.
  4. Drama motivates kids to cooperate
    Each activity undertaken at drama class in New Malden, from participating in drama games to improvisation to singing in concert, demands cooperation. Kids quickly realise that to obtain the best out of sessions, synergy is a much needed skill!
  5. Drama supports numeracy skills
    In drama kids do not realise they’re learning. Counting the amount of beats in a song, counting the number of stars on a camping trip or even working out the number of eggs to place in a cake are only some illustrations of the way becoming engaged in a drama is able to help developing vital numeracy skills.
  6. Drama helps kids to recognize the world around them
    We enjoy a selection of various themes and also cause kids to a wide variety of imaginary and real situations each week, sparking the interest of theirs worldwide where they reside and also making them much more inquisitive (and also consequently far more interesting!) little folks.
  7. Drama develops emotional intelligence
    By motivating kids to’ act out’ a variety of feelings in the supportive and safe environment of any drama class, kids are better in a position to recognize the feelings of theirs and create empathy for others.
  8. Drama assists physical development
    In each and every time, we participate in simple percussion instruments, create basic action sequences and also play drama activities – all meant to assist kids gain mastery over their growing bodies.
  9. Drama develops creativity
    people that are Creative can view things in brand new ways and from various perspectives. They could think on the feet of theirs and generate brand new ideas. Our child led approach to improvisation and pretend play promotes the improvement of imagination as kids lead the guidance of the drama themselves, think of solutions to issues in function, and also react imaginatively to a selection of pretend situations.
  10. Drama nurtures friendships
    By its very nature drama is able to develop strong bonds between kids while they laugh, learn and grow together week after week after week!