Should you use worksheets in your classroom?

I’m most likely to damage rankings here. I’m going to stand my ground and claim proudly that I like a great worksheet! Allow me remedy that, I like a GREAT worksheet.

Alright, before you torture me, allow me discuss my reasoning.

I’m writing this post in action to various teacher discussions I’ve overheard that accompany the lines of:

” fatality to worksheets!”

and also

” ugh … then she took out a worksheet …”.

as well as.

” goodness she utilizes so several worksheets in her course, what’s incorrect with her!”.

Now I’m not saying all worksheets misbehave, nor am I claiming all worksheets are great. However, allow’s take a minute to check out the excellent, the bad as well as the awful of worksheets.


A great worksheet is one that challenges pupils and also the most effective worksheets for kindergarten are the ones that relocate pupils from reduced to greater order thinking.

A well established out as well as useful worksheet is one that allows students to relocate in the direction of understanding, using and analysing (don’t contact me, I’m Australian, this is just how we mean it). The very best type of worksheets truly push students to review and provide the opportunity to produce.

Good worksheets help instructors too. They provide teachers with motivation and also direction on just how to instruct a new topic and also offer seasoned teachers a refreshing outlook on how to structure material to students’ requirements. They also supply important comments to educators and parents as a moderation tool.

A great worksheet guides your students via your lesson as well as recommend methods of showing the material in an age ideal way. A set of great worksheets permits distinction, especially with younger pupils, providing options to cut and also paste, attract or write a reaction to show what they know.

I’ve typically combed the web for activities and sheets on specific subjects as well as have actually come across a superb idea ingrained within a worksheet! Excellent quality worksheets are like gold dust and also worth holding on to for many years. Go to any experienced teacher’s workplace and also you will certainly find a handful of priceless “I only have one copy!” worksheets they go back to time after time due to the fact that they are so reliable in assisting pupils to break down a topic.


Alright, we’re below. Yes you’re right. There are A LOT of negative worksheets floating around the net (and also in some older textsbooks in some situations!).

The rules for poor worksheets are the reverse of good worksheets.

Undoubtedly, young pupils will certainly require assistance to complete a worksheet. Bad worksheets make little or no feeling to pupils when utilized individually.

Worksheets must be made use of as a discovering device NOT a teaching device. The minute a student is given a message publication (commonly the like a printed worksheet) or bunch of worksheets to complete individually, they will certainly zone out and also they have actually shed their objective as a device for building conceptual understanding. Some trainees will enjoy independent quiet time with a worksheet, however, the objective needs to be to construct on ideas currently instructed, not to teach them.