How Are Alcohol Home Delivery Retailers Verifying Age During Lockdown?

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Last month, we saw that off-license sales of alcohol online are now worth 22% of all sales. This extraordinary dive shows that a lot of retailers are now offering alcohol online with numerous doing so as a direct result of COVID-19 and lockdown constraints.

Of course, with a boost in sales online, there need to be consideration made to how these sellers are validating the age of their clients. Are they using software or are they counting on ID examine shipment? We explore this new world of online alcohol sales and delivery.

Increase in Online Delivery Solutions

According to Google, search frequency for the phrase ‘alcohol home shipment’ has actually increased by 250% in the UK since March. This is not the only secret expression associated to house shipment of alcohol with others including ‘alcohol shipment’ and ‘alcohol delivery near me’ also showing to be popular.

As you can expect, with this lots of individuals looking for out these services, brand-new companies have been popping up all over the UK. While some existing organizations are changing to home delivery, others are being developed from scratch in order to make a quick earnings.

This isn’t just something that is occurring in the UK either, alcohol delivery services are likewise turning up in the U.S.A.. According to reports, around 30% of new clients who have actually purchased alcohol online during the pandemic will remain long-lasting users. While it might take some time to gather particular stats on the number of brand-new services have been set-up over this time, the reaction of consumers alone suggests that there is a great deal of traction in this area.

Verifying Age

With so lots of new organizations offering alcohol home shipment and just as many customers searching for this kind of service, the concern of age verification must be asked. Sellers in the UK should continue to adhere to the laws surrounding who they offer alcohol to. If they are found to be selling alcohol to minors, they deal with fines and potentially further action.

Interestingly, numerous online alcohol house shipment retailers in the UK have chosen to keep things traditional. Apart from a quick ‘enter your date of birth’ box on their website, there is little to no age verification on their website prior to the sale is complete. Rather, they are inspecting IDs of consumers on shipment. While this can be effective, the possibility is that they are depending on third-party delivery companies who they have no control over.

Another popular technique of confirming age is through collection in-store. While this can be reliable, there is still a risk associated with breaking social distancing standards to inspect the ID of the customer.