Are you using the right litter bins?

Lots of local authorities have an issue with litter. Every year it costs local authorities a huge selection of a huge number of pounds to cope with it.

We function with a selection of local authorities and companies across the UK to help you keep our streets fresh and tidy. It is feasible to considerably enhance recycling-on-the-go as well as litter deposit rates by way of a serious campaign of education, raising investment and awareness in the appropriate equipment for the project, although there’s nobody simple solution to reducing litter.

There is nobody size fits all with regards to selecting the proper litter bin. You will find various styles and sizes of bin which are ideal for different purposes. Nevertheless, you will find a number of factors worth looking at when buying brand new litter bins for your park, public spaces or high street.

Aperture size – this must be big enough for litter being deposited, but sufficiently little to stop rubbish escaping because of vandalism or weather conditions.
In that case a slimmer or maybe wall mounted bin may be a little more appropriate, in case you’ve room for a big bin or perhaps are restricted for room.
Visibility – individuals have to have the ability to notice a litter bin very easily thus signage and colour are essential. Bins are generally grey or black. You are able to help make them stand out by picking a far more vibrant colour.

The answer.

There’s a broad range of litter bins, including recycling bins, outdoor and indoor containers, and dog waste containers. A lot of our bins could be customised with WRAP authorized signage and in among a selection of eighteen distinct colours from Poppy Red to Sunflower Yellow.

Our animal bins may additionally be utilized to capture messages to thank individuals for getting rid of their litter.

The Olympic two bin is 1 of our best sellers and it is created to allow for on-the-go recycling. Eco Bins and Slim Recycle Bins are used inside and also outdoors in banks of 5. The road architect collaborated with us to develop the brand new bin, the Chatsworth.