5 Surprising Secrets of Biodegradable Plastic Bags

The Truth About Biodegradable Trash Bags and also the Compostable Alternative

Are you under the notion that by making use of biodegradable trash bags you are helping the environment?

Really well, enable us to separate the terrible news, but biodegradable garbage bags are not what you believe. As for compostable garbage bags, that is a different story (which we will have to), but we need to begin with first things first? namely, the eco-friendly option.

Biodegradable trash bags offer most of us a fuzzy and warm feeling. Who does not wish to help the planet, right?

In reality, in case you are like me, you have preceded the purchase of yours of eco-friendly bags with a well intended thought process which goes something like this: If I purchase this particular bag, the garbage of mine will magically go to nature? an ashes-to-ashes-dust-to-dust kind of thing? making me happier than imagining it rotting in a dump. Hmm. I guess I will buy a box or 5.

though what your mom don’t informed you? forgive her; she did not realize? is that biodegradable garbage bags are something other than the environment’s friend.

Below are 3 reasons why:

  1. A very high proportion of biodegradable plastic ends up in landfills, where nothing biodegrades.

In reality, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires landfills to block out air, sunshine and moisture? the essential components for right biodegradation.

Which implies that in case your bag is similar to most eco-friendly bags, it’ll simply sit there, not able to decompose.

Even though many biodegradable bags manufacturers tout creating a biodegradable additive (a specific film) on their biodegradable bags which allows them decompose totally, that promise is challenged in court but still lacks consensus.

  1. Biodegradable bags made of plastic typically cannot be recycled along with other plastic products.

All of it has to do with all those small numbers you see on bottles that are plastic.

A No. one and a No. two may be reused together, but toss in a biodegradable container? a No. seven plastic? and you will contaminate the entire recyclable load.

If the No. seven plastic is blended in and melted down with plastics marked No. one or maybe No. two, it will contaminate the whole weight because the substance make up of [biodegradable bags] are very diverse.

It is like what happened when I was 8 years older and my mom washed my gray baseball pants with the styles. They were introduced in the market a nauseating purple. I’ve the pictures to prove it.

  1. Biodegradable bags are able to harm the planet.

Indeed, you hear that right. When biodegradable garbage bags end up in landfills, decomposition occurs at a much reduced rate than if the garbage had been subjected to air, moisture and light.

As an outcome, methane gas gets introduced in the environment. In reality, pound for pound, methane contributes twenty times much more to the green house effect than co2 over a 100 year time.

Really, what is the eco minded person to do?

Simple: Buy compostable garbage bags. While the conditions biodegradable and compostable are usually used interchangeably, right now there are a couple of key differences with regards to garbage:

a. Compostable garbage bags are regulated; biodegradable garbage bags are not.

Put simply, compostable trash bags meet an industry standard which is government approved. Simply search for the designation of BPI certified (from the Biodegradable Products Institute), and that is the guarantee of yours that the compostable garbage bags of yours are doing whatever they state they do? namely, making it possible for compostable material, like cabbage, coffee grinds, nut shells, garden clippings and leaves, to compost naturally.

b. Compostable garbage bags are really compostable.

Put simply, you cannot simply throw a biodegradable garbage bag on the compost heap of yours and believe it’ll decompose. It can’t; the heat will not get very hot enough. But compostable trash bags are going to turn into compost in the long run. As to why that is crucial, it boils down to the understanding the benefits of composting.


Unlike biodegradable bags, that, despite having perishable contents, typically get tossed into landfills, compostable trash bags have a genuine ways of disposal. It is known as a compost facility. Based on the American Chemistry Council (ACC), in case you would like to decompose perishable materials, you want a large scale composting facility. And meaning you will need compostable garbage bags.

Thus, in case you would like to clean up the environment of yours while supporting the planet, we have received the solution: compostable garbage bags. They are regulated, they do whatever they claim they are likely to do, and they include a genuine method of disposal.