What do you need to do to record your CPD activities?

Continuing professional development (CPD) is a means to maintain learning that is going to help you start to be safe and effective more in your practice.

As a registrant, our criteria of ongoing professional advancement require you have a consistent, up – to – correct record and date of your CPD activities (SCPD one).
What’s the significance of the standard in practice?

You will find 4 components in this standard :

You have to take part in regular CPD activities.
You need to keep a journal of everything you do.
You have to keep adding brand new info to your record on a routine basis.
You would like your report to accurately reflect the activities that you’ve accomplished.

In case you are selected for an inspection, you will have showing us you meet the standard giving us the following info :

You must provide documentation of your respective CPD activities, including a summary of all of the CPD activities you’ve undertaken and any spaces between activities of 3 months or even more.

How can I record CPD?

This’s your individual record you are able to have in any way. We don’t require you ensure that it stays in a particular format.

Have a CPD Portfolio that contains the documents you need for the CPD, or else you are able to keep everything electronically. The format might be recommended by your employer or perhaps by your expert body.

You are able to find all sorts of internet tools, though we do not recommend them or maybe guarantee that they are going to help our audits.

In case you choose to capture your CPD, however, you must ensure you’ve access to it must you leave your present employer.
Can I publish audit records?

In case you’re selected for an inspection, we are going to be enthusiastic about the quantity of CPD you’ve finished during the last 2 years (the length of your respective registration cycle).