The Benefits of Motion Graphics for your Brand


“Motion graphics is animation, but with copy like a significant element. Basically, It is animated graphic design.” it is not surprising that most kinds of motion graphics, like Explainer Videos, as an example, are a highly effective communication strategy to obtain the message of yours across. It’s usefulness is really two-fold:

  1. The text, the music, together with the elements in movement come together to paint an image for you about a particular idea in which you do not need to get it done yourself. It currently makes and tells that story for you.
  2. Motion graphics are created for “engaging audiences and also compelling them to have action, buy or even visit an idea with fresh eyes.”
    The five Main Benefits of Motion Graphics for The Brand of yours

And therefore, the questions begin writing themselves down; Just how can motion graphics impact the content marketing strategy of yours? Just how do you choose between video or maybe motion graphics which engage with the audience of yours and reach your goals? …etc.

A proper content strategy has a blend of content, e-books, infographics, including articles, and much more. But there is no questioning people tend to be more plus more keen on video.

Here are a few interesting information for you!

By 2022, eighty two % of all web traffic is going to be made up of video views, based on Cisco, a multinational telecommunications technology company.

“More media platforms support video, along with individuals are visiting choose – if not expect – info to be shipped in that package. (Studies show that forty % of customers stated they’d prefer to view a brand video than read through the identical information.)”

Motion graphics has a mix of 2 things; whatever they do for the person and the way they enable you to tell the brand story of yours. Thus , listed here are the five major advantages of including motion pictures in your content marketing and advertising efforts:
1) They distill info for quick comprehension.

Do not you occasionally, or perhaps the majority of the precious time, pick up the phrase, “I’ll comprehend it much better in case I see it”? That is because visual communication focuses on the manner the brain processes of yours information. “In fact, visual processioning is almost instant.”

Thus, the obvious storytelling aspect in motion graphics helps break down complex info, making it much easier for the information to be delivered clearly and easily.

Two) They are a passive experience

Videos, essentially, do not ask much from the person. They do not need to flip through, explore data, or perhaps put in a lot of psychological energy when seeing a video recording. Motion graphics will be the exact same. Remember, that most of customers prefer to view than read through the item of info.

Three) They are emotionally captivating

In general, you’re competent to determine if somebody is a great storyteller or perhaps not, by the way they allow you to think once they tell the story, correct? Motion graphics provides you with the tool that will help you communicate the story of yours in a way that is beyond attention grabbing; as additionally, it affects the emotions of yours. It is really a natural response. (It is the reason we experience tangible fear in a horror film or maybe pleasure for a rom-com).

The collective work of the moody music, powerful voiceover, and visuals that are incredible help construct an impactful story. And that’s exactly why motion graphics provide more control over the way you tell a story than every other video format. Here is a general guideline, If it is on the storyboard, you are able to get it done. There’s no need to depend on everything else, like actors, weather…etc. as you’d for live action production for instance.

Four) They are often Repurposed

Another good thing about content pieces as Motion graphics is their adaptability and flexibility. You are able to utilize an evergreen subject or maybe explainer video for instance in ways that are different and on unique platforms, as it can help extend the lifecycle of a plan.

You may split a video clip into little pieces of content tailored for particular groups, or maybe perhaps even put it in an e book or a business presentation.

With an assortment of social and media platforms that support video format, you are able to have a portion of a well designed piece of interaction which could fulfill you for a long time.

Five) They are Great When You are Short on Time

Another good thing about content pieces as Motion graphics is their adaptability and flexibility. You are able to utilize an evergreen subject or maybe explainer video for instance in ways that are different and on unique platforms, as it can help extend the lifecycle of a plan.

“Most motion graphics are thirty seconds to three minutes in length, which is unbelievably helpful whenever you have to make an effect ASAP. Studies show that even “watching under ten seconds of a video is able to help boost brand awareness and build buy intent.”

“Their inherently visible nature also tends to make motion graphics helpful in case you’re in an atmosphere in which you cannot depend on audio (e.g., a chaotic trade show floor).”


When speaking about various other kinds and motion graphics of animation plus video content parts, it is able to get just a little hard to select the proper format for the information you wish to transport.

Remember, article marketing is about testing out the waters; be at liberty to try one specific message utilizing various motion and also video graphics strategies.

And regardless of which kind of animated video you make use of, you are on the way of yours to far more engaging content for the market of yours. We at galera agency are here to enable you to get it correctly each time. Thus, reach out, and why don’t we talk concepts.