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Rewarded Employees are Happy Employees

Do you know the date that National Employee Appreciation Day is? This is a better query: Is it really have any significance?

The reality is that employee recognition doesn’t have a calendar. It’s an integral part of the corporate culture throughout the year and will likely always be. Three reasons to believe it’s the case.

Rewarded Employees are Happy Employees

Most people don’t take their work with them home like the old saying is. However, the majority of us take home a portion of the emotions that come out when working in the office or in meetings with clients. Let’s say this Positive vibes at the workplace translate into peace and happiness in your family life.

When you let your employees know that you appreciate and value the effort they put into it — as well as also take the time to show the significant impact they’re making on your business and area of the globe The employees will are happy about their work and carry that feeling to their homes with them.

And another aspect? Employees who are happy are 11% more efficient than less content colleagues. This sounds like something that’s win-win.

Appreciative Leaders Are Leaders Who Get Appreciated

One could write hundreds of ideas on why trust in the workplace is crucial and still not suffice. Let’s repeat it trusting each other is among the most valuable resources that we have.

It’s possible to think that a risk of faith necessary to build trustthe pesky trust has to be rooted in a system we’re familiar with. Go out on a limb, put your trust in your employees, and then see whether that trust is recognized. Right?

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Then again, it’s kind of. There’s no need to abandon trust where it is involved. Sometimes all you need to do is create the foundation to flourish. In the present the base is gratitude.

Yes! You’ll be amazed by how much acknowledging your employees creates an environment of trust. When employees realize that their efforts help an end and are acknowledged by those higher up in the food chain They feel a greater feeling of belonging to the leadership.

It is not surprising that nearly 90% of employees who were given recognition or a thank you from their boss over the last month showed greater confidence in their boss. In the case of employees who didn’t receive acknowledgment and only 48 percent of them said they were confident in their superiors.

If employees feel appreciated and appreciated, they are more likely to stay

For our final argument in favor for employee appreciation, we’ll take a look at the cost of getting a new employee trained to the point that they are able to work as effectively and effectively as a seasoned employee.

The word “exhausting” and costly sounds like a good idea Doesn’t it? It’s. According to estimates the process of welcoming a new employee into the fold can cost up to £3500 for the process of recruiting and as high as £1200 and 32 hours per year for continuing training. If all is said and done hiring a new employee can cost as much as 42 days reduced or diminished productivity. If this sounds like an unnecessary burden it’s likely that you’re right.

Make a commitment to recognize your achievements year-round

Today, employee recognition isn’t as prevalent or celebrated as it ought to be. Many managers don’t choose to give it the attention they deserve or because they’re too busy or they don’t know the reason why it’s essential to the success of a workplace.

For those who don’t know National Employee Appreciation Day occurs on March 4 every year. If you’re aware of how easy it is to highlight appreciation and the reasons why it’s important you can turn every day an opportunity for gratitude.