Lightning Web Components Interview Questions

These days I am going to share questions regarding Lightning Web Components Interview Questions.
These lwc interview questions are simple and medium level questions and can be ideal for everyone.

  1. What exactly are Lightning Web Components (LWC)?

We are able to make Lightning components using 2 programming models: Lightning Web Components, Aura Components and the initial model,. Lightning web components are custom HTML elements developed using HTML as well as contemporary JavaScript. Lightning web elements and Aura components are able to coexist and also interoperate holding a web page. To admins and end users, they both show up as Lightning components.

Lightning Web Components uses core Web Components requirements and offers just what is important to work well in browsers supported by Salesforce. Since it is constructed on code which operates natively in browsers, Lightning Web Components is light & provides performance that is outstanding. The majority of the code we write is regular HTML and JavaScript.

Two What’s the file structure of Lightning Web Components

myComponent folder myComponent.html

The folder and the files of its should stick to these naming rules.

Cannot have a hyphen (dash)
Should start with a lowercase letter
Cannot include whitespace
contain just alphanumeric or perhaps underscore characters
Cannot end with an underscore
Should be special in the namespace
Cannot contain 2 consecutive underscores

  1. Just how can you show components HTML conditionally

In order to render HTML conditionally, include the if:true|false directive to some nested